Get to know the SPLEENE team…

SPLEENE Team - Marc

Marc Leutsch

Task: keep the company and product innovation rolling
Favorite spot: Cabarete, Dom. Rep.
Perfect setting: RS 35 & SPX 9

SPLEENE Team - Linda

Linda Schuppan

Task: creating marketing ideas and manage my male colleagues
Favorite spot: Pigeon Point, Tobago
Perfect setting: RS 32 & SPX 7 or 10,5

SPLEENE Team - Sebastian

Sebastian Fitz

Task: simply everything with a strong product focus
Favorite spot: Baltrum, Germany
Perfect setting: Carbon Pro SESSION 45 &
QX light 15,5

SPLEENE Team - Johann

Johann Vosteen

Task: make customers happy and let the SPLEENE bus roll
Favorite spot: Cap Ferret, France
Perfect setting: High Tech RIP 36 & QX 9

SPLEENE Team - Rainer

Rainer Leutsch

Aufgabe: shoot awesome fotos and improve all mechanical product parts
Lieblings-Spot: Le Morne, Mauritius
Perfektes Setting: I am a windsurfer 🙂

SPLEENE Team - Riccardo

Riccardo Rossi

Aufgabe: make cool product designs
Lieblings-Spot: Tarifa, Spain
Perfektes Setting: High Tech RIP 36 & QX 9

Share a session with our SPLEENE teamriders…

SPLEENE Team - Kelvin

Kelvin Corniel

My home spot: Cabarete, Dom.Rep.
My style: “old school” freestyle, strapless
Perfect setting: ZONE or CROSS & SPX 12

SPLEENE Team - Silvia

Silvia Ciudad

My home spot: Sant Pere Pescador, Spain
My style: freestye-freeride-chica-power
Perfect setting: RS 35 & SPX 9

SPLEENE Team - Fabian

Fabian Föhrenbach alias "Famus Fame"

Mein Home-Spot: Chiemsee, Germany
Mein Style: Strapless Freestyle
Perfektes Setting: CROSS & SPX 9

SPLEENE Team - Julian

Julian Wohlrab

My home spot: everywhere in Germany!
My style: big air, megaloops & wake
Perfect setting: RS 38 & SPX 10,5

SPLEENE Team - Tomi

Tomi Deák

My home spot: Aendorphin Beach, Hungary
My style: foil maniac
Perfect setting: foil, foil, foil – strapless 🙂

SPLEENE Team - Carlos

Carlos David

My home spot: Cabarete, Dom.Rep.
My style: Uncompromising Wakestyle & Big Air
Perfect setting: R38 Wake & SPX 9m

SPLEENE Team - at the Beach

How it all began…  We always had a passion for water sports. We were young & wild windsurfers and shredded waves whenever we could. That was in the 80s.
As future engineers, we started working on components in our own workshop in order to optimize products. At some point we saw the first kiters on the beach – and that’s how it started.

It was clear to us that we wanted to be part of this young sport. So we founded SPLEENE. That was in 2002.

And then SPLEENE invented the DOOR… We watched how former windsurfers started their first (at that time still dangerous) kite attempts and noticed that the sport lacked a light wind board. A short time later we introduced our “buddies” to a rectangular board and called it “DOOR” – the kickoff for a world innovation and still an international bestseller until today. Also check our product history.

First boards, then kites… Our board know-how literally made “jumps”, new shapes were born and SPLEENE grew. Starting from the German market, the distribution cooperations became more and more international.
As the demand for kites from SPLEENE grew louder, we gave the answer: We expanded our portfolio –  and became a full range kiteboarding brand.

Innovative & high quality… In 2009 we started with our first kite line – the “Q”, a freerider. This one later resulted in the QX. With the QX light we finally designed the “big brother”: a light wind machine that can definitely compete with a foilkite in tests. With the SPX we completed our kite range with a freestyle crossover kite.
Here, too, we were able to score with our expertise on the market. The SPX-I was a test winner right away. Further top ratings for our kites followed.

Today our product range includes kites and kiteboards for all target groups and disciplines – from light wind, freeride, freestyle, waveriding or foil.

SPLEENE Team - at the Beach
SPLEENE Team - Cabarete

Kickoff for direct sales… With the increase of brands on the kite market, the prices also changed. Some of the players pulled these up strongly. We decided to take a different path.

Kite Direct… As one of the first kite brands, we entered the direct sales market – via our own webshop. With Kite Direct we offer our products at fair prices. In addition, we cooperate with partner shops and test centers worldwide.

Another price model… Lower marketing costs with simultaneous concentration on product development, which is 100% aimed at quality. This combination enables us to offer our products at extremely attractive prices. Find out how our Kite Direct concept works here.

Our credo… The pursuit of the best product and the passion for sport is the drive for everyone in our team. We offer kiters everything they need, monitor trends and develop the market further. Our claim: to accompany you honestly and closely as a brand. Enter the Zone!

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