Get ready to rock!

No matter if you aim to land the 360 strapless or wanna do your first moves on a waveboard – the SPLEENE Cross will push you further!

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Freestyle Waveboard

Cross 5’2: 157 x 44,5 cm | 23 L
Cross 5’4: 162 x 46 cm | 25 L

You can rip it hard with the SPLEENE Cross. Whether airspins, backrolls or snappy turns – the freestyle waveboard is also great in small to medium waves. The shape of the SPLEENE Cross gives you a lot of control while enabling radical maneuvers.

  • Freestyle action
  • Quick turning and agile
  • Maximum control
  • Ultra-light boardweight
  • Strong sandwich construction

Handmade in premium quality by the shaper of Aeroboards, exclusively for SPLEENE! Every Waveboard uniquily made in Europe.

Highlights of the SPLEENE Cross

Freestyle action

Whether flat water, wind waves or shorebreak: with the SPLEENE Cross you will enjoy full freestyle action. Thanks to its fantastic low weight and good pop, the Cross is made for the 3rd dimension. You notice that right after your first jump!

Quick turning and agile

The no-nose shape of the SPLEENE Cross makes the waveboard agile and snappy. The Cross feels very alive and invites you to play around. You can easily get it into drift and bring it back into straight ride. In waves, you can go for radical maneuvers with little effort and always try new moves. Also directional beginners will have a great entry with the Cross into the world of wave-kitesurfing.

Maximum control

The shape of the SPLEENE Cross gives you maximum control for your freestyle tricks or wave sessions. With its 4 channels at the bottom, the Cross easily takes off the water for jumps and your landing will be smooth. The optimized outline and rockerline let you ride windwards easily and get you quickly into planing.

Light and strong

The SPLEENE waveboards are built with a special Airex-foam-core, which makes them significantly lighter than ordinary PU foam boards. You´ll notice that immediately when accelerating and jumping. Strapless freestyle tricks become a dream. The Airex-core keeps its flex characteristics constant over years. At the same time, the SPLEENE Cross is insensitive to dents thanks to its strong construction. And the very special highlight: The Airex-core does not suck any water! If your board gets a damage, you can worry much less as if you had a regular PU-core board.

Thruster setup with Futures Fins

The SPLEENE Cross has a thruster fin setup and gives you the best balance between agility and guidance. The Cross Waveboard allows you smooth but also radical turns and moves. The SPLEENE Cross is fitted with Futures Fins to meet the tough demands of wave-kitesurfing.

The best accessories for your Cross

EVA pad

For the best grip, we offer EVA pads. With these pads, you have the impression the SPLEENE Cross sticks on your feet, even in radical maneuvers. You can individually position the pads. Or you go for Surfwax – the choice is yours.





The Cross comes with a thruster setup and is compatible with all Futures Fins. Our offered fins are specially suited to the Cross and you have the choice between the sizes S and M. The size M is recommended for the Cross 5’2 – or if you prefer a looser ride on the Cross 5’4. The fins in the size M are particularly suitable for the Cross 5’4.

Range of use of the Cross Waveboards

Strapless Freestyle

Small Wave

Medium Wave

Big Wave

The action is waiting. Get your new Cross Waveboard.

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