Enter the Zone!

A wall of water rises slowly behind your back…you notice how your board speeds up. You are totally focused on the moment – you are one with the wave!

Directional Waveboard ZONE - SPLEENE Kiteboarding

Surfstyle Waveboard

ZONE 5’7: 170 x 47 cm | 24,7 L
ZONE 5’10: 178 x 48,3 cm | 27,8 L

The SPLEENE ZONE waveboard is at ease in waves. Whether your home wave spot or a dream location on this planet. Built in classic PU construction – for the real and lively surf feeling!

  • Pure surf feeling
  • Low weight
  • High comfort and flex
  • Rail to rail surfing
  • Direct feedback & control

Handmade in premium quality by the shapers of FATUM in Portugal. Each waveboard is unique, made in Europe.

Highlights of the SPLEENE ZONE

Real surf feeling and good comfort

The SPLEENE Waveboards have a natural liveliness and a pleasant flex. This allows real surf feeling, without compromises. This is achieved by the use of a special, hand finished PU core, just like it is used for classic surfboards. Every turn with a SPLEENE Waveboard is a real pleasure and even choppy conditions turn into bliss. So you can enjoy long surf sessions fully to the end.

Wave action

The harmonious balance between tail and center of the waveboard makes the ZONE a wave all-rounder. In small waves it takes up enough speed and shines in big waves with a harmonious agility. Thanks to the good controllability and the optimized width, snappy turns at the top of the wave are a pleasure. The SPLEENE ZONE quickly finds its track – even in the wind waves we are used to in the north of Europe.

Rail to rail surfing

With ZONE you can carve beautiful bottom turns in the wave and shred them with radical cut backs. The thinning rails in the tail of the board give you extra grip. The ZONE waveboard takes rail to rail transitions playfully. The PU construction provides the necessary smoothness in bottom turns – no matter what radius – and brings nice restoring forces as well as feedback during cut backs.

This is exactly how surfing in waves must be!

PU construction with stringer

The SPLEENE Waveboards are handmade in PU construction, just like a classic surfboard. During the last 50 years, different construction methods with different materials have been tested in kitesurfing, surfing and windsurfing. Our opinion and the opinion of experts is clear: The PU construction is the only method to build lively waveboards with a real surf feeling for kiting.

Even wood could never be completely replaced over the decades. There is wood in every good ski, sowboard or kiteboard! So also in the SPLEENE Waveboards: A wooden stringer runs through the middle of the boards and makes the setup perfect.

The construction requires intensive manual work and many years of experience. That is why the SPLEENE Waveboards are manufactured in small series by FATUM in Portugal. The PU core is specially optimized for board building – only a few shapers have access to this quality.

The result plays in a different league than conventional waveboards, which are manufactured in industrial construction as mass products!

By using PU foam, wooden stringers and polyester resin you get a piece of jewellery that will give you a lot of pleasure. And even in case of damage you don’t have to worry. The PU core does not suck water and you do not have to end your session right away. With polyester resin, damages can be easily repaired.

Unique design

Boring white? On the contrary! The SPLEENE Waveboards come in bright colours and are a special eye-catcher. The colours are worked up directly on the core by hand and lie under the glass fibre of the finished waveboard. Also the SPLEENE decals are under the fiberglass and will stay with you forever.

An original surfboard 3D look and no comparison with industrially processed decksheets.

Thruster FCS II setup with reinforcements

The ZONE waveboard has a thruster setup and offers you the perfect balance of agility and control. The ZONE Waveboard allows you to make smooth but also radical turns and moves.

For fins, the FCS II system is used – lightning-fast, tool-free mounting and a huge choice of fins. The FCS-II fin plugs were additionally reinforced during manufacturing. For maximum durability and a robust setup – perfect for the demands of wave kitesurfing.

The best accessories for your ZONE

EVA pad

Our EVA pads from WMFG provide you with the best possible grip. Thanks to the pattern you have the feeling that the Waveboard “sticks” to your feet, even in radical maneuvers. You can position the pads individually. So nothing is left to chance. Or you choose to go with Surfwax – the choice is yours.

Deckpad - SPLEENE Kiteboarding


The ZONE comes with a thruster setup and is compatible with all FCS II Fins. . The fins we offer are well adapted to the ZONE and you have the choice between the sizes M and L. The size M is optimal for the ZONE 5’7 – or if you prefer a loose feeling with the Zone 5’10. The fins in size L are optimal for the Zone 5’10.

In addition to the FCS II fins, you can also use FCS I fins with the FCS adapter – so you can get fins in the farthest corner of the world if you need a replacement.



You like riding in straps? So does the ZONE!

Thanks to the M6 threads you can easily mount the SPLEENE Straps. 3 different positions on the front and 2 on the back allow you to find your sweet spot. And thanks to the comfortable straps you can ride one wave after the other – until the sun goes down.

Wavestraps - SPLEENE Kiteboarding

Range of use of the ZONE Waveboards

Small wave

Medium wave

Big wave

Strapless freestyle

Waveboard ZONE at Beach - SPLEENE Kiteboarding
Waveboard ZONE with Deck - SPLEENE Kiteboarding
Waveboard ZONE at Beach - SPLEENE Kiteboarding

The waves don't wait. Get your new ZONE Waveboard.

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