2nd Quality High Tech SESSION 45

Product information "2nd Quality High Tech SESSION 45"

Freeride Kiteboard

2nd quality means e.g. optical imperfections in the graphics or surface. The kiteboard has no negative impact on performance or durability.

145 x 46 - 3,1kg
Kiteboard including grab and 5cm fins

The SESSION 45 is the perfect freeride kiteboard. It covers a large windrange with maximum kitesurf fun. Whether gentle breeze or allot power in your kite – with the SESSION 45 you always have the right kiteboard on your feet. The thinner edges make it light – you’ll notice that immediately when you speed up, carve or jump. 

  • Freeride feeling
  • Large windrange
  • Early planing
  • Easy upwind riding
  • Agile movement
  • Very good control & grip
  • Made in Europe
Kiteboard size: 145
Kiteboard width: 46