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SPLEENE Kiteboarding

Enter the Zone with the German brand

Your essential kiteboarding gear - since 2002!

SPLEENE Gear - SPLEENE Kiteboarding


High End Kites and Kiteboards for the best price! Get your latest SPLEENE Kiteboarding gear directly from us or our selected PARTNER Shops.

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Development - SPLEENE Kiteboarding


German engineering since 2002! We strive every day to set new benchmarks in product design and innovation in the Kiteboard industry. A passion, you can feel each time you are on the water with your SPLEENE Kiteboarding gear.
This DNA goes directly into our Kites, Kiteboards and Foils.
Service - SPLEENE Kiteboarding


We stand for high quality kite gear and guarantee this – also in our service. Our service team is always available for you.

You end up with a damage or need an urgent replacement? We help and ship to almost every destination!

Just get in touch with us or see our service page.

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