125 x 45 cm – 3,9 kg
145 x 45 cm – 4,5 kg

With the SPLEENE FABFOIL BOARD you take off. You have full control and the maximum ride experience. With the Bevels a touchdown is no problem – no matter if you are a beginner or if your motto is “foiling at the limit”. Two sizes for your perfect setup: 145 cm length – as Allround Foilboard and 125 cm length – as Pocket Foilboard.

  • Direct feeling
  • Easy waterstart
  • 3D bevel shape
  • Precise touchdowns
  • Multi strap positions
  • Robust construction
  • Large EVA pad


Available, delivery time 2-5 days

Product number: 19Foil-Board-125


Start your foil adventure with the SPLEENE FABFOIL BOARD

FABFOIL Wasser - SPLEENE Kiteboarding

Highlights of the FABFOIL BOARD in detail

Direct take off

The FABFOIL BOARD starts gliding very early. Due to the large area at the nose and the flat ground curve you will be lifted out of the water very fast. Also with the small FABFOIL BOARD in 125 cm length you have a large surface at the nose and get out of the water fast – despite the compact pocket construction. You will never have the feeling your board sticks to the water.

Easy water start

A simple water start is important for many kiters out there. With the FABFOIL BOARD the start is easy, just like on normal kiteboards. The minimal volume makes that possible. The FABFOIL BOARD can be pressed under water and does not float high. You can position your feet freely and don’t have to “fight the board into the right position” at any time.

Multi foil + strap positions

At the tail of the FABFOIL BOARD you can mount your foil in different positions. Find your sweet spot – strapless or with straps. The hole spacing for the foil mounting is 90 x 165 mm and the inserts are build for M6 screws.

The stand area of the FABFOIL BOARD is designed with an EVA pad. This offers maximum grip, even for strapless foilers. Straps can be mounted in different positions and you decide whether you want the best fit with one, two or three straps.

Solid construction

The FABFOIL BOARD is manufactured in a robust snowboard construction. A wood core is the basis for it and offers perfect damping and ride feeling at the same time. Specially arranged fibreglass layers ensure robustness and optimal force distribution.

3D bevels

The special feature of the FABFOIL BOARD 25 & 45 is the 3D bevel shape. Both sides are bent up parallel to the longitudinal axis. This makes the board very stiff and therefore easier to control. Control commands arrive directly at the foil wings.

In addition, the lateral bevel ensures very soft touchdowns – even when riding at low angles. The feared cutting into the water is thus prevented and you always have full control over board and foil.

Optimized shape

A flat bottom curve in the tail and a lot of area at the nose ensure fast and easy planing. The smaller area at the tail prevents cutting into the water even at high speed and low angles. The nice scoop at the nose avoids unwanted undercutting.

Tested! The SPLEENE FABFOIL BOARD at Kitelife, Gleiten.TV and Kitefinder.com


The best accessories for your FABFOIL BOARD


You like to foil with straps? The FABFOIL BOARD allows you to ride your optimal position.

Thanks to the M6 threads you can mount the SPLEENE straps easily. You have the choice: 3 strap setup with 2 straps on the front foot. Or 2 Strap Setup with one strap on the front foot and one strap on the tail.


With the SPLEENE Boardbag you protect your FABFOIL Foilboard optimally. Thanks to the practical handle and shoulder strap, transport is also a breeze.