MONOFOIL + BOARD 25 demo set used

Product information "MONOFOIL + BOARD 25 demo set used"

Demo MONOFOIL Set with BOARD 25

Complete demoset foilset + foilboard with
ACRO Wing – 1500cm
Mast – 90cm
BOARD 25 - 125 x 45 cm
  • Demoboard used, see pictures
  • Wing and Board shows traces of usage, no damages. Mast was sharpened at the trailing edge
  • Footstraps with it? Just send us a message
You are looking for the next challenge in kitefoiling? New moves, new feeling, new limits – enter the world of acrofoiling and realize tricks of the category “extraordinary”.
  • Maximum agility
  • Direct lift Radical 180° & 360° tricks
  • Extreme sliding moves
  • Low speed for wavefoiling
  • Flex-Delta-Shape-Wing
  • Robust Alu+G10-construction