Monofoil Set - SPLEENE Kiteboarding



Complete foilset + foilboard with
ACRO Wing – 1500cm²
Mast – 90cm
BOARD 25 - 125 x 45 cm

You are looking for the next challenge in kitefoiling? New moves, new feeling, new limits – enter the world of acrofoiling and realize tricks of the category “extraordinary”.

  • Maximum agility
  • Direct lift
  • Radical 180° & 360° tricks
  • Extreme sliding moves
  • Low speed for wavefoiling
  • Flex-Delta-Shape-Wing
  • Robust Alu+G10-construction


Available, delivery time 2-5 days

Product number: 20KOMSETHFMO90251

Get ready for the next foil level


MONOFOIL Wasser - SPLEENE Kiteboarding

Highlights of the SPLEENE MONOFOIL


No fuselage, no backwing: We outwit physics and simply but very effectively remove the braking factor for all tricks on the foil. The MONOFOIL is born! It allows maximum agility. Tightest radii and radical maneuvers are suddenly possible without any problems. Based on Acrogliding – we are the first on the market to transfer this innovative and brand new category to kiting: SPLEENE goes ACROFOILING!

Easy entry: The MONOFOIL’s main goal is to make the start as easy as possible for every foiler. On the first meters you feel like in your first days on the foil. But after a short time you get the hang of it and a new world of previously impossible moves and tricks awaits you.

Extreme turning and agility

The biggest fascination of ACROFOILING is the new level of agility. Without long fuselage and backwing you quickly learn to love the new freedom. Direct feedback from your MONOFOIL and the tightest turning radii are possible at once. After your first 360° turn, which would fit on the surface of a manhole cover, you don’t want to go back.

Also the slide feeling of the MONOFOILS is incredible. Thanks to ideal low-end of the Acro Wings Waveriding is a real pleasure and allows – finally – radical cut-backs into any breaking wave crest.


The Acro Wing has a lot of surface area thanks to its compact delta shape. We have deliberately used G10 as the material. Together with the thin tapered edges, G10 offers excellent flex properties. This creates the perfect combination of stability and agility.

The Acro Wing comes up in the water very early and “flies” already at lowest speed. The flat design makes surface slides easy and provides uninhibited turning pleasure. The mast itself serves as a vertical stabilizer.

Solid construction and materials

The base plate and mast are CNC machined to the highest precision. The black anodized aluminum ensures long durability with optimal weight / stability ratio. The Acro Wing is made of G10 – here the focus is on maximum strength and stability.

Maximum compatibility

The MONOFOIL with the Acro Wing comes as a set with the 90cm mast and baseplate. In the development of our products, we focus also on compatibility. So you can expand your existing SPLEENE FABFOIL with the Acro Wing.

The baseplate is also designed for all SPLEENE FOILBOARDS and fits, thanks to the different hole positions, to many other foil boards on the market.

MONOFOIL Acro Wing Detail - SPLEENE Kiteboarding
MONOFOIL Acro Wing Detail - SPLEENE Kiteboarding
MONOFOIL Acro Wing Detail - SPLEENE Kiteboarding

Watch the MONOFOIL in Action and at Gleiten.TV

Monofoil Wing - SPLEENE Kiteboarding

Equipped for all cases!

Variable mast lengths and compatible with many foil boards

Long and Short Mast

The MONOFOIL Acro set is equipped with a 90 cm mast. In addition, our 60 cm short mast is also available.

Our recommendation: The standard mast with 90 cm has the best height for ACROFOILING. Plenty of room for tricks and excursions into wavefoiling.

The short mast is more suitable for shallow water areas – so your foil wing is better protected from ground contact. The setup with the short mast is also suitable for other disciplines, such as wingfoiling.

Short Mast

Multi-fit Baseplate

The SPLEENE baseplate is made of black anodized aluminum. Numerous holes allow you to mount the FABFOIL on different foil boards.

The SPLEENE FABFOIL BOARD uses the standard hole spacing of 165mm x 90mm and has M6 threads.

In addition, the following holes are available: 140x90mm / 160x85mm / 148x68mm.

FABFOIL Baseplate - SPLEENE Kiteboarding


You like to foil with straps? The FABFOIL BOARD allows you to ride your optimal position.

Thanks to the M6 threads you can mount the SPLEENE straps easily. You have the choice: 3 strap setup with 2 straps on the front foot. Or 2 strap setup with one strap on the front foot and one strap on the tail.

Wave & Foil Straps