QX-II 7m - Demokite


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Product number: SPE-09
Product information "QX-II 7m - Demokite"

QX-II 7m demokite. The kite was unpacked and inflated for demo purposes. The kite was NOT flown as a test kite. (The picture shows exemplary the kite in 9m - offered is the kite in 7m).

The QX-II kite offers outstanding freeride characteristics. Its agile turning abilities, light construction, great depower as well as easy relaunch make this kite the perfect buddy for all kite-days.

  • Quick planing
  • Large windrange
  • Easy jumping
  • Mega hangtime
  • Fast relaunch
  • Balanced bar forces

Kite size: 7m
Kite size: 7m
HAZE Freeride & Big Air Kite 7m – 9m – 12m Kite including BackpackThe HAZE is the new freeride kite from SPLEENE. High-end materials paired with a Performance-Delta-Shape in Gemini-4-Strut design – for maximum performance with easiest control. Easy handling & jumping Maximum turning speed Huge windrange Direct feeling Mega hangtime Bridle modes

SPX 7m
Kite size: 7m
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