SPLEENE High Tech Line

Freeride kiteboards

High Tech RIP 36 - Spleene Kiteboarding

High Tech RIP 36

Allround kiteboard
136 x 40,5 cm
High Tech RIP 39 - Spleene Kiteboarding

High Tech RIP 39

Allround kiteboard
139 x 42,5 cm
High Tech Session 45 - Spleene Kiteboarding

High Tech SESSION 45

Freeride kiteboard
145 x 46 cm
High Tech Door 59 - Spleene Kiteboarding

High Tech DOOR 59

Lightwind kiteboard
159 x 45 cm
High Tech Monster Door - Spleene Kiteboarding


Lightwind kiteboard
166 x 50 cm

The Spleene High Tech Line Freeride Kitebords exite through their wide range of use, high quality standards and many technical features.

The new High Tech Kiteboards are very light. The MONSTER DOOR weighs 500 grams less then the 2017 model. In addition, the thinner edge gives you even more agility.

The Spider Frame 3D Deck brings you more flex and comfort. Also new: for the first time in development we equipped the High Tech Line with the Shark Skin Surface – the technology for more speed.

Our UV-safe graphics will make sure that you enjoy the colors on your board for a long time.

All High Tech Line boards have the Advanced Jet Bottom, which boosts comfort and control to a very high level. In chop water or on hard landings, the bottom will uncover its full strength and show what continuous development over 18 years can achieve.

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