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In our new production site, we have shortened the supply chain significantly. In parallel, we have optimized the sales chain: From now on, you get the Spleene Kites directly from the SPLEENE Store or selected Partner-Shops.

With this optimization, we are able to offer you SPLEENE Kites at unbeatable prices, starting at 799 €. Additionally, we take care of the shipping costs to Germany and Austria.

SPLEENE Kiteboarding - Kite-Direct Model

High quality tailoring and best materials

We started at SPLEENE in 2002. Since then, we have essentially driven the development in Kiteboarding. In 2009 we developed the first Spleene Kites, which received many credits.

In our production site, quality is the major focus. Qualified personnel and high standards guarantee Kite-tailoring at the highest level.

Our material selection is without compromise. For many important parts, we go for „made in Germany“, like heavy-duty Dacron for fronttube and struts or long-time seal bladders.

The SPLEENE Kites stand out with double coated Double-Rip-Stop, several reinforcement points and a perfect seam-profile.

SPLEENE Kiteboarding - Kite Details

6 reasons to order your next Kite via SPLEENE Kite-Direct:

Spleene Kiteboarding - Best Kite for the best price

The best Kite for the best Price. SPLEENE offers you via Kite-Direct outstanding quality for unbeatable prices.

Spleene Kiteboarding - Own manufaction

SPLEENE develops and produces Kites inhouse. With this know-how, we are the perfect contact point for all your questions about kitesurfing.

Spleene Kiteboarding - High quality tailoring

Best quality through own production. We focus on every detail and control the whole process.

Spleene Kiteboarding - Technology pioneer

SPLEENE is technology pioneer. Many SPLEENE innovations became international standard.

Spleene Kiteboarding - Direct contact

For best possible advice, you can directly get in touch with our development team. We are there for you, before and after your purchase.

Spleene Kiteboarding - Best technology, quality and design

SPLEENE Kites are in terms of technology, tailoring and design always up to date, several tests underline that.

Get the SPLEENE Kites for unbeatable prices directly in our SPLEENE Store.

If you have any questions, regarding our Kite-Direct offer or the SPLEENE Kites, do not hesitate to contact us. You have always the chance to get in touch with our development team and we will help you finding your best setup.

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