The new Foil dimension!

Take off with the SPLEENE FABFOIL and fly silently above the water …

Spleene Kiteboarding - FABFOIL Set


Allround Kitefoil

Freeride Wing
Lightwind Wing +++ Coming soon +++
Race Wing
Standard 90cm Mast
Short 60cm Mast

It is THE allround-foil for freeriders, beginners and light wind freaks. The NEW streamlined design carries you early and long. Steering impulses are converted immediately. The ability to turn easy and its agility make even tight radii a playful manoeuvre.


  • Easy take off
  • High stability at top speed
  • Agile for tight turns
  • Optimized wings
  • Strong aluminum + G10 construction
  • Multi setup with wings and masts

Perfect in combination with the SPLEENE FABOIL BOARD


SPLEENE Kiteboarding - FABFOIL detail

Highlights of the SPLEENE FABFOIL

What´s new?

More lift thanks to an optimised profile: the new wings carry you easier and longer. Even in phases without pressure in your kite, you glide along on the wing.

Improved stability: The FABFOIL forgives errors more easily and keeps you constantly on the move. The stability of the rolling axis has been further improved. In addition, fluttering is prevented even at high speeds.

New mast construction: The structure of the aluminium mast and the inner profile have been optimised. The mast is stiffer and allows an even more direct riding experience. At the same time, new inlays prevent water from entering the mast.

Solid construction and materials

The base plate, mast and fuselage are CNC machined with the highest precision. The black anodized aluminum ensures a long durability with an optimal weight/stability ratio. The front wing, backwing and stabilizer are made of G10 for maximum strength and stability.

Aerodynamic shape

The SPLEENE FABFOIL has a very thin fuselage to produce minimal drag. The advantage: early kiting even in extremely low wind. The shape of the wing and the tail are hydrodynamically optimized and create very little turbulence, especially at the wing ends, which provides more speed and better controllability.

High turning speed and stability

The SPLEENE FABFOIL is characterized by a direct riding experience and high turning speed. It immediately invites you to try new moves and tricks. When gliding through jibes and turns you will be happy about the high stability.

Wing and mast variability

The SPLEENE FABFOIL comes with a 90 cm mast and Freeride Wing. Additionally there is a Light Wind Wing – for the lowest wind range and a lot of surf feeling – and the Race Wing for speed fanatics.

With the mast you have the option of using the 60 cm short mast. This is perfect for beginners or for shallow water areas.

What our customers say

“This is an indescribable feeling and you can not compare it to normal kiteboarding. Currently I have no interest at all in 30 knots wind, I just want to foil.” (translated from German)


★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Karl G.
from Simmerath

“Learning to foil was this year on my list and your offer came to the right time. Everything went out very well. The 60 cm mast was very good, only jibes are still hard.” (translated from German)


★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Bodo F.
from Kerpen

“I had the chance to test all your wings. At the end I sticked to the freeride wing. You can ride it very long. How much lower can you go with the lightwind wing?” (translated from German)


★ ★ ★ ★ ☆


Nico A.
from Darmstadt

One FABFOIL – many options!

With the SPLEENE FABFOIL you stay flexible. No matter if new wing or new foilboard – all options are open to you.

Three frontwing shapes

The SPLEENE FABFOIL offers three different wing variants. In the standard version the FABOIL Set comes with the Freeride Wing – an allround wing for a wide range of applications.

In addition you can equip the FABFOIL with the Lightwind Wing – so you get into the lowest wind range. The Race Wing is aimed at high-speed friends – and designed for racing usage.



Long and Short Mast

The FABFOIL Set comes with a 90 cm mast. Additionally the 60 cm short mast is available.

The standard 90 cm mast harmonizes perfectly with the FABFOIL wings. No matter if freeride, race or waves.

The Short Mast allows you fast learning progress. You won’t get raised high out of the water with the Foil and your angle remains moderate during touchdowns. In addition, the Short Mast is ideal for shallow water areas – so your wings are better protected from ground contact.



Multi fit Baseplate

The baseplate is made of black anodized aluminum. Several holes allow you to mount the FABFOIL on different foilboards. The SPLEENE FABFOIL BOARD uses the standard hole spacing of 165mm x 90mm and has M6 threads.

Additionally the following holes profiles are available: 140x90mm / 160x85mm / 148x68mm.



Start flying with the FABFOIL?

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