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Kite QX-II 12m by Spleene Kiteboarding
Spleene Kiteboarding QX-II Kites

The QX-II is the new Freeride Kite from Spleene. With its enormous power, the Kite offers you the full bandwidth of Freeride Kiteboarding, mixed with maximum control and comfort.

– Very good upwind performance
– Quick “get going”
– Huge windrange
– Easy jumping
– Great hangtime
– Dead-easy relaunch
– Low bar pressure

The QX-II has everything, you can expect from a good Freeride Kite. The QX-II is your companion for your greatest Kitesurf days and lifts you quickly to the next level.

On Freeride, easy handling is very important. Good power, simple to access, lets you focus on your Kitesurfing experience. Riding and jumping are the desires – and that is what the QX-II is made for. Already in low wind conditions, the good pull of the Kite lifts you easily on your board. This power is also the source for your easy, high and long jumps. The lift comes in softly and keeps you up in the air for a long time. For landing, the QX-II will let you touch the water smoothly and directly ride on.

The power of the QX-II is top league. But it is not a dump pulling machine, the Kite delivers its power very precisely. Through its easy handling, the Kite invites you all the time to try something new. The playfull characteristics come from its great control. Even in heavy wind conditions, you can rely on your QX-II, while others have to head towards the beach.

Additionally the QX-II has an outstanding good comfort, a key element of a good Freeride Kite. Even after several hours on the water, you won’t get “heavy arms”. Low bar pressure, mixed with a very good depower behavior lets you ride long and far, even if the wind is really challenging and gusty. And surely the QX-II will be very easy to relaunch, if it dropped on the water.

Many newly developed construction details and the highly improved quality with many materials “made in Germany” make the QX-II Kite the perfect buddy for your next Kite-trip. The sizes 15.5m and 17.7m are build as light versions, with extra power in low winds and very suitable for heavier riders.

“This Kites completes the SPLEENE portfolio. For everybody who thinks the SPX3 is to ambitious, and who seeks an attractive freeride performance as well as high jumps in his session: the QX-II is fully meeting these requirements. A very well balanced and comfortable character unites harmonically with a powerfull flight-profile, which will excite beginners as well as advanced riders. The whole package is completed by an outstanding price.” 

Kitelife Magazin

The key features of the QX-II Kite


Full power through its deep profile

Thanks to the deep profile of the QX-II, there is allot power, that can be accessed directly. This profile gives the QX-II also its very good hangtime. The pull is already released in low wind conditions and stays controlled all the time. Especially the QX-II light versions have an extra-boost in lightwind.


V-Cut alignment

The V-Cut, the tex alignment in the upper profile, is exactly adjusted to stabelize maximum pull-forces in the Kite. The Kite stays stable and harmonic, even in very gusty conditions. The pressure sweet-spot on the bar is also very constant and doesn’t require much interaction from the rider.


Gemini Strut Design

The QX-II Kite has no center strut. The profile can quickly adapt to all wind conditions and there is almost no frontstall. Additionally the Kite can turn faster, as the Kite surface isn’t divided by a center-strut. The turning-area of the QX-II Kites is 66%!


Low diameter tubes with new Dacron

The QX-II uses a new, “Made in Germany” Dacron material. It has significantly less stretch and allows lower diameters on the fronttube and on the struts. The result is a lighter Kite, which has more stability in gusts. The smaller fronttube allows the QX-II to move farer into the edge of the wind window, which improves upwind performance. And as little side-effect, you have to pump less.


Great Depower

The QX-II keeps working while other riders are forced by stronger wind to head back to the beach and pump smaller Kites. The special profile and the optimized center of weight allow to have an efficient and easy depower. You won’t have to use your adjuster so often any more and all sizes offer you a high safety in strong wind conditions.


Super easy Relaunch

One of the biggest requirements of a Freeride Kite is the relaunch in whatever wind there is. The QX-II can be launched backwards, via the steering lines. The regular relaunch with one steering line is super easy, across all QX-II sizes.


Coated Double-Rip-Stop in the upper profile

The QX-II Kite uses a new Double-Rip-Stop in its upper profile. Thanks to a special coating, the Kite won’t absorb any water. That makes the Kite always light and stable.


Short Bridle System

The QX-II has a short Bridle-System. That keeps the Bridle very simple, eliminating many line problems. The precise pulleys can quickly move and adjust to incoming gusts. That will keep air flow constant in the Kite. Additionally, if steered hard on the bar, the quick bridle adjustment creates an asymmetric shape, which will turn the kite faster.

For which people the QX-II Kite is made for?

  • Beginner 98% 98%
  • Advanced 100% 100%
  • Experts 95% 95%
  • Freeride 100% 100%
  • Wave 95% 95%
  • Freestyle 85% 85%
  • Race 90% 90%

What our customers say

The QX was my first pure freeride kite. I was a bit afraid, that it would turn very slow, but that is not the case. The hangtime is great, compared to my old kites. (translated from German)


★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Harald T.
from Hamburg

“Great feeling to be on the water, while others are only watching from the beach. The big kite did pay off.”


★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Carl I.
from Salesbury

“Pumping up is funny, because there is now middle-strut. But on the water everything is fine. Great delta kite. Only the bag could use some straps for a kiteboard.” (translated from German)


★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Daniel B.
from Frankfurt


Great Design

The glowing colors of the QX-II give the kite a very unique design. It will look great in all conditions.

Kite QX-light shaped by Spleene Kitebaording

Heavy Duty Construction

Every detail on SPLEENE Kites goes through a long research and development process, to ensure the best product as output. SPLEENE uses only high-quality materials, like the new Double-Rip-Stop tex with the double sided coating, which will not soak any water. Or the extra strong Dacron for parts where heavy forces apply, resulting in lower tube diameters. These keep your kite light and guarantee constant flying characteristics.

The new Dacron material for the fronttube and struts, as well as the pulleys are all innovative “Made in Germany” products. The end of the struts is also enforced with patch-layers, to minimize wear. On the trailing edge, battens are applied, which will avoid flattering in quick turns. The battens can be replaced via a small zipper openings.

The Kite-Bag is completely redesigned with plastic zippers, to avoid blocking after contact with salt water. Also you will find a special pocket for your car key on it.

Product Feature Valves

All Kites are build with a One-Pump-System with an extra large in-/outlet for inflating and deflating. The big inflate/deflate valve at the center is compatible with 95% of all pumps. That means you can pump up your Kite very quickly. A neopren jacket will save the valve from dust and sand.

Ventil Schema Kite QX-II by Spleene Kiteboarding

Bar compatibility

SPLEENE Kites have a 4-line setup with single frontline safety (SFS) and can be used with most bars on the market.

The Kites are designed for bars with equal line length (with Adjuster fully open and bar completely pulled towards the body). The line connectors have knots at the backlines / steering lines and loops at the frontlines / holding lines. For perfect setup, the bar should have a V or a low Y.

If you have any questions regarding the bar compatibility, just get in touch with us.

Spleene Kite Line Setup - Spleene Kiteboarding

Test result of the QX II – German Kitelife Magazine

QX-II Test Kitelife Magazine

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