Solid Power, full control and mega hagtime for your perfect freeride days – the QX freeride Kite!

SPLEENE Kiteboarding - QX Freeride Kite

QX-II Kite
The Freeride Machine

QX 7m – 9m – 12m
QX light 15,5m – 17,7m

Der QX ist der Freeride Kite von SPLEENE. Mit viel Leistung bietet er dir die volle Bandbreite im Freeride, bei maximaler Kontrolle und Komfort.


  • Schnelles Angleiten
  • Großer Windbereich
  • Einfaches Springen
  • Mega Hangtime
  • Leichter Relaunch
  • Homogene Barkräfte

Range of use of the QX-II Kite

SPLEENE Kiteboarding - QX Kite - Style and Characteristics
SPLEENE Kiteboarding - QX Kite -Windrange

Highlights of the SPLEENE QX-II

What´s new?

The redesigned profile of the QX-II gives you plenty of power, even in low wind conditions. Jumping will be very easy and you have maximum hangtime. Additionally, the kite is always easy to control. The QX-II freeride kite uses a coated double-rip-stop. The coating makes the fabric water-repellent and after a drop the QX kite is immediately back in the air and at top speed again. Compared to its predecessor, we have revised the bridle on the QX-II. The result is a large windrange and full control. Even strong gusts are no problem for the QX and you can stay relaxed.

Easy handling

For freeride, easy handling is very essential. Good performance, easy to retrieve, so you can concentrate fully on kiting. Riding and jumping are the goal – that’s exactly what the QX is made for. Already in the low wind it brings an enormous pull and lifts you onto the board. Once the kite is flying, it unfolds its full potential and is always easy to control. And thanks to the homogeneous bar forces you won’t get “long arms” even after hours of kiting.

Powerfull freeride profile

Thanks to its freeride profile, the QX has a lot of performance that can be called up directly. The profile, together with the Gemini-Strut design, also gives the QX its enormous hangtime. The pull is already powerful in the lower wind range. Especially the QX-light experience the light wind extra boost.

Large windrange

The QX continues to work, while other kitesurfers have to go back to the beach to inflate smaller kites because of too much wind. The optimised profile and the balanced centre of gravity makes the depower so efficient. At the same time you can adjust the kite very good via the adjuster. All sizes offer you great safety up to very strong winds.

Jumping power and mega hangtime

The power of the QX is easily accessed for jumping. Whether you actively build up line tension over the edge or simply steer the kite to twelfe. The QX lifts you smoothly and high up – with an excellent hangtime for many big air tricks! On landing, the QX will set you down softly and you can continue kiting in full glide.

Easy relaunch

The biggest demand on a freeride kite is the relaunch, no matter what the wind. The conventional relaunch at the edge of the wind window using a steering line is super easy, with all QX sizes. And you can even launch the QX backwards using the steering lines.

Test and design of the QX-II kites

QX Kite SPLEENE Kiteboarding
QX Kite - top - SPLEENE Kiteboarding
QX Kite - right - SPLEENE Kiteboarding
SPLEENE Kiteboarding - QX-II Kitelife Test

Kitelife Magazin (Click for full view – German)

SPLEENE Kiteboarding - QX-II TheKiteMag Test

TheKiteMag (Click for full view)

What´s the technology behind the SPLEENE QX-II?

With the QX-II we have introduced some new features. All details combine in the QX-II to create a harmonic freeride kite.

Gemini Strut Design

The QX kite has no center strut. The profile can quickly adapt to all wind conditions and there is almost no frontstall. Additionally the kite can turn faster, as the kite surface isn’t divided by a center-strut. The turning-area of the QX kite is 66%!

Low diameter tubes with new dacron

The QX kite uses our special “made in Germany” Dacron material. It has much less stretch and additionally stabilizes the areas with extremely high load. This allows smaller diameters at the front tube and struts. As a result, the kite is lighter, has a more stable strut skeleton and maintains consistent flight characteristics over the entire wind range. And: You have to pump less when setting up.

Heavy duty construction

Every detail of SPLEENE kites has gone through a long research & development phase to achieve the best result.. SPLEENE uses only high quality materials. The new Dacron material – used for the fronttube and struts, as well as the pulleys – are all innovative “made in Germany” products. The end of the struts is also enforced with patch-layers, to minimize abrasion. On the trailing edge, battens are applied, which will avoid flattering in quick turns. The battens can be replaced via small zipper openings. The kite bag is completely redesigned with plastic zippers, to avoid blocking after contact with salt water. You will also find a special pocket for your car key.   Spleene Kiteboarding - SPX4 Kite - Heavy Duty Reinforcements Spleene Kiteboarding - SPX4 Kite - Heavy Duty Struts Spleene Kiteboarding - SPX4 Kite - Heavy Duty

New design

The bright colors of the QX give the kite its unique design. The kite is an eye-catcher at the beach and you will certainly be recognized on the water – standing out from the crowd.

V-Cut alignment

The V-Cut – the canopy fabric alignment in the upper profile – is precisely adjusted to stabilize maximum pull-forces in the kite. The QX kite stays stable, even in very gusty conditions. The pressure point on the bar is also very constant and doesn’t require much interaction.

Coated double-rip-stop in the upper profile

The QX kite uses a double-rip-stop canopy fabric in the upper sail with a special two-sided coating. This makes the canopy water-repellent and prevents it from sucking water. This keeps the kite light and agile. Even after a drop in the water, the kite is immediately back on top speed.

Product feature valves

All kites are built with a One-Pump-System with an extra large in-/outlet for inflating and deflating. The big inflate/deflate-valve at the center is compatible with 95% of all pumps. That means you can pump up your kite very quickly. A neopren protective cap will save the valve from sand.

Multi-brand bar compatibility

SPLEENE kites have a 4-line setup with Single Frontline Safety (SFS) and are compatible with most bars on the market. The kites are designed for a bar with lines of the same length (with open adjuster and fully pulled bar). The attachment points on the kite have knots on the backlines / steering lines and loops on the frontlines / holding lines. The bar should have a V or low Y for optimum flight performance. If you have any questions about bar compatibility, just contact us. Kite Lineconnection - Spleene Kiteboarding

You want the QX and just start riding?

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