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Foilboard 145 x 45 cm
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Foil - Spleene Kiteboarding

The SPLEENE Foil makes the entry into the fascinating world of hydrofoiling easier than ever before. Due to the variability in the setup, the SPLEENE Foil is equally attractive for beginners and experts alike.

– Fast lift at starts – Easy Take Off
– High stability at any speed
– Made for tight jibes and turns
– Great variability due to optional lightwind and race wings

The wings of the SPLEENE Foil are optimized for minimum water resistance. This allows Foil Kiteboarding even in very low wind and gives you many more days on the water.

The optimized shape of the foil offers a high degree of stability, which can be experienced right from the start and is retained up to high speed riding. By the application of robust materials, such as G10 for the wings, high controllability is always given and the foil can ride through tight turns.

In addition to the Allround Freeride Wing, we have also developed a special Lightwind Wing and a Race Wing.

As mast, you can choose between the standard mast in 90 cm length or the short 60 cm mast for flatwater and foil entry.

Foilboard top - Spleene Kiteboarding
Foilboard Base - Spleene Kiteboarding

The SPLEENE Foilboard is the perfect complement to the SPLEENE Foil. Designed exclusively for use in foil kiteboarding, the Foilboard offers a wide range of key foiling features.

– Easy and early lift
– Easy water start
– Stable construction
– No diving of the nose
– Gentle and precise touchdown
– Extremely stiff board for maximum control

The SPLEENE Foilboard is build in the snowboard construction method. This allows to easily position and navigate the board for the water start. Special feature are the side bevels. They give the board a high degree of stiffness and therefore a high level of controllability. Heavy chopp water will not disturb the Foilboard, allowing it to maintain speed and lift, even when driven in a tough angle. The bevel shape also prevents effectively from often feared cutting into the water.

The shape is specially adapted to the needs of Foil-Kiteboarding. A flat ground curve and plenty of surface area under the front guide quickly into the take-off. While riding, the bent nose prevents accidental nosediving.

There are many options for positioning the Foil and straps. Even foils from other brands can easily be assembled.

With the SPLEENE Foil and Foilboard you have the perfect combination to enjoy foil kiteboarding at its best. Whether you are an experienced foil rider or a foil beginner, the SPLEENE Foil variations offer everyone the best setup.

Bevel - Shape

Overview on main characteristics


Foil - Materials

The SPLEENE Foil is made only from the highest quality materials. Base plate, mast and fuselage are made of black anodised aluminum. Wing, tail and fin are CNC milled from G10 plates. This guarantees highest strength at maximum stability.


Foil - Setup

The SPLEENE Hydrofoil is equipped with a wing that meets all requirements from entry level to high performance. It lifts even at low speed and stabilizes very quickly, creating a very safe driving experience. Its extension is in the middle range and therefore very stable, even in upper speed ranges.


Foil - Easy turning

The SPLEENE Foil immediately invites you to try new moves and tricks and glides very stable through jibes and turns.


Foil - Variability

The SPLEENE Foil is regulary delivered with a 90 cm mast and the freeride wing. But a 60 cm mast for beginners and shallow water, a race wing and a large lightwind wing are also available.


Foilboard - Take Off

The SPLEENE Foilboard planes very early and lifts you out of the water even at low speed. This is achieved by the large surface area at the front and the flat bottom curve at the rear.


Foilboard - Waterstart

One of the most important features at the beginning of foiling is the water start. The SPLEENE Foilboard is easy to start, just like you would expect from normal kiteboard. This is possible because of the minimum volume, allowing to push it under water without floating back to the top.


Foilboard - Setup

The SPLEENE Foilboard is build in snowboard construction, which is very robust and the bevels at the edges are very stiff – perfect for Foil control.


Foilboard - Shape

A flat bottom curve in the rear and plenty of surface area at the front allow quick and easy planing. The small surface area at the rear prevents the board from cutting in the water, even at high speed and in tough angles. The bended nose avoids unwanted nosediving. The bevels on the bottom let the foilboard always touch the water softly, even in very choppy conditions.

Action area of the Foil & Foilboard

  • Beginner 100% 100%
  • Freeride 100% 100%
  • Lightwind 100% 100%
  • Race 90% 90%

What our customers say

This is an indescribable feeling and you can not compare it to normal kiteboarding. Currently I have no interest at all in 30 knots wind, I just want to foil. (translated from German)


★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Karl G.
from Simmerath

Learning to foil was this year on my list and your offer came to the right time. Everything went out very well. The 60 cm mast was very good, only jibes are still hard. (translated from German)


★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Bodo F.
from Kerpen

I had the chance to test all your wings. At the end I sticked to the freeride wing. You can ride it very long. How much lower can you go with the lightwind wing? (translated from German)


★ ★ ★ ★ ☆


Nico A.
from Darmstadt


Foil - Solid construction

Die Base-Plate, der Mast und der Fuselage sind aus schwarz eloxiertem Aluminium. Der Tragflügel, das Leitwerk und auch die Finne werden aus G10 Platten CNC gefräst. Dies garantiert höchste Festigkeiten bei max. Stabilität.

Foil Spleene Kiteboarding
Foil Spleene Kiteboarding
Foil Spleene Kiteboarding

Aerodynamic shape

The SPLEENE Foil has a very thin hull to create minimal drag so you can kite even in extremely light winds. The shape of the wing and the tail are hydrodynamically optimized and create very little turbulence, especially at the wing tips, ensuring more speed and better controllability.

Foil Spleene Kiteboarding

Three Wing-shapes

The SPLEENE Foil comes in three different wing version. The Lightwind Wind for the very low lowend, the Freeride Wing as allround wing for a wide set of conditions and the Race Wing, specially designed for competition.

wingspan = 605mm
chord = 150mm
wing area = 65.900mm
aspect ratio = 5,55

wingspan = 535mm
chord = 140mm
wing area = 53.400mm
aspect ratio = 5,36

wingspan = 560mm
chord = 95mm
wing area = 44.260mm
aspect ratio =7.09

The aspect ratio of a wing is the square of the wingspan divided by the wing area.

Spleene Foil Wings - Spleene Kiteboarding

Foil - Mast & Baseplate

The mast is made of black anodised aluminum and is 90 cm long in the standard version. Also a 60 cm mast for beginners and shallow water is available. The mast is very resistant to bending and torsion. The baseplate is also made of black anodized aluminum and has numerous holes, to ensure compatibility with most foilboards.

Foil Base Plate Spleene Kiteboarding
Foil Mast Spleene Kiteboarding

Foilboard - Bevel-Shape

The SPLEENE Foilboard is build in solid snowboard construction, with a wood core. Special feature is the bevel shape. Both sides are bent parallel to the longitudinal axis. This has two massive effects on the handling of the board. First, the board is very stiff, which makes it allot easier to control the Foil and get direct response. Secondly, there is a lateral cutout on the underside, the so-called bevel, which is responsible for very soft diving even in tough angles. The feared cutting into the water is prevented and you always have full control over Foilboard and Foil.

Foilboard Spleene Kiteboarding
Foilboard Bevel Spleene Kiteboarding

Foilboard Assembly

At the rear of the SPLEENE Foilboard you can mount your Foil in different positions to meet your sweet spot. The spacing of the holes is 90 x 165 mm.
The standing area of the deck is coated with an EVA pad for maximum grip, even when riding strapless. You are able to mount one, two or three straps in different positions.

Foilboard Inserts Spleene Kiteboarding
Foilboard Pad Spleene Kiteboarding


Foilboard - design top - Spleene Kiteboarding
Foilboard - design bottom - Spleene Kiteboarding

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