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166 x 50 cm (recommended for Riders from 85kg)
4 kg

Everyone is waiting for wind … Only you are on the water, enjoying total freedom. The SPLEENE MONSTER DOOR is the ultimate lightwind weapon. Just try it!

Kiteboard with grab and fins

+++ Add the SPLEENE Pads with Straps +++

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The SPLEENE DOOR is the ultimate kiteboard for light wind days. Outline and bootom curve work perfectly together for maximum comfort and glide performance. The low weight is immediately noticeable when accelerating and jumping. And thanks to the Advanved Jet Bottom, you’ll still have full control – even when the wind is blowing.

For Beginners, the DOORs are a very strong recommendation. They allow the quickest success and learning progress of all boards. And with increased experience, they still serve as perfect lightwind boards.

  • Maximum lightwind performance
  • Extreme early planing
  • Constant planing
  • Outstanding upwind riding
  • Best comfort
  • Easy handling

What´s new?

  • The new design gives full insight into the engine room: The wooden core becomes visible and thanks to a special printing process the colours pop and make the High Tech Kiteboards real eye-catchers!
  • In addition, we have optimized the woodcore. A more harmonious bending curve gives an even more pleasant ride. The Advanced Jet Bottom at the bottomside also ensures the best grip, soft landing and a nice guidance.
  • The proven light wind tuning and low weight are retained. And as always, the High Techs DOORs pull through the choppy water with great comfort.

All Details on the Kiteboard: High Tech MONSTER DOOR

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Von am  05 Oct. 2020 (High Tech MONSTER DOOR) :

Absolutely amazing!

I love the board, the quality and the design, amazing bit of equipment!!!