High Tech Door 59 '2017 - complete


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Lightwind freeride kiteboard

Model 2017

159 x 46 cm

The Spleene Doors are known for lightwind kiteboarding as no other boards. Maximum wind yield paired with best comfort and fun.

Complete - comes together with new straps, pads, grab and fins

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The Spleene Doors of the latest generation are our best boards for lightwind kiteboarding. The Door 59 is recommended to every rider up to 85kg or everyone who wants to ride the door also in stronger winds. The Monster Door is for heavier or large riders or everyone who wants to get the maximum ultra lightwind performance.

For Beginners, the Doors are a very strong recommendation. They allow the quickest success and learning progress of all boards. And with increased experience, they still serve as perfect lightwind boards.

– remarkable lightwind performance
– extreme early planing
– constant planing through lulls
– outstanding upwind riding
– best comfort
– easy handling


Von am  08 Aug. 2018 (High Tech Door 59 '2017 - complete) :


Fast delivery and the product was all right. In addition, it is also a very nice board to see.
Super board, very happy with it. Sails very easy and runs very easily upwind, yeah.....
This board is highly recommended and you are sure that you are almost always first on the water.
Really TOP product.
Thank you Spleene

Von am  27 Feb. 2018 (High Tech Door 59 '2017 - complete) :

2017er Door

Bei Leichtwind führt kein Weg an der Door vorbei, wenn man nicht foilen will. Nach der Blümchendoor habe ich mir euer neues Modell gegönnt und der Wechsel hat sich gelohnt! Das Brett ist viel agiler und besser zu kontrollieren.

Von am  31 Jan. 2018 (High Tech Door 59 '2017 - complete) :

Macht viel mit

Ich hatte das Kiteboard bei meinem Kitekurs damals gehabt und danach auch gleich gekauft. Jetzt ist es immer noch als Leichtwindbrett im Einsatz. Hat auch bisher alles gut mitgemacht, obwohl ich nicht zimperlich mit meinen Sachen umgehe.