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SPX3 – The Allterrain-Kite

the 3rd generation of a magazine-test winning kite

SPX 3 All terrain kite by Spleene Kiteboarding

The Key Elements of the SPX3 Kite


One Kite for all conditions

The SPX3 is the kite that works in all conditions at all spots for all styles like Freeride, Freestyle, or Waves.


Gemini Strut Design

The SPX3 has no centre strut. That helps the profile to adapt every possible wind condition to the best working performance. In addition to that the kites turns faster as the turning area is not divided by the centre strut to 50%. The SPX3 kite turning area is 66%!


Short Bridle System

The SPX3 has one of the shortest bridle systems on the market. Only with this very special layout of pulleys you can achieve such a short bridle which avoids tangles efficiently. The pulleys are moving and adapt new wind angles much faster than the rider does. Because of that movement the bridle can be asymmetrical which lets the kite turn faster.


Made for X-Bar

The SPX3 works perfectly together with the X-Bar system from Spleene and also with all other bars with front- and backlines at the same length. The kite works with a single frontline safety.

Which rider can use the SPX3 kite?

  • Beginner 85%
  • Intermediate 100%
  • Experts 95%
  • Freeride 100%
  • Wave 90%
  • Freestyle 95%
  • Race 75%

What our customers say

As I already wrote to you, I did get a complete new range this year. Your prices a very good and the kites also fly well. (translated from German)


★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Mark H.
from Wien

The SPX3 in 12m replaced my SPX1. It happened quite alot since the 1 came out.


★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Fabio S.
from Punta Ala

I like the direct feedback, I always know where the kite is. That was very important to me. Sadly, only 3 sizes are available. That was a change for me, as I used to have 1-2m more. (translated from German)


★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆


Steven K.
from Zürich

The Perfect All Terrain Kite


Great Design

The new colours of the SPX3 kites give this kite a unique design. It looks great in all conditions.

SPX 3 Kite All terrain Kite by Spleene Kiteboarding

Heavy Duty Construction

Each construction detail of Spleene kites has a long research and development procedure to get a perfect working product for you. We only use the very best materials like Teijin Techno Force for the main wing canopy and strong Dacron for areas with high load. The end of the struts are reinforced with extra layers of patches to avoid abrasion. The bridle system is made of full Dyneema lines and a metal pulley. The trailing edge is supported by replaceable battens to avoid flutter in very hard turns.

Product Feature Valves

All kites are equipped with a one-pump-system with big diameter for easy in- and deflate. The big centre inflate/deflate valve is compatible with 95% of the adapters attached to the pumps on the market. This means you can inflate your kite quick and easy. A cap made of soft neoprene covers the valve and protect it from sand and dust. Inside this cap is an extra adapter stored in case your pump has no suitable adapter.

Schema Einlassventil SPX 3 Kite Spleene Kiteboarding

Bar compatibility

Spleene Kites have a 4-line setup and can be used with most bars on the market.

The Kites are designed for bars with equal line length (with Adjuster fully open and bar completely pulled towards the body). The line connectors have knots at the backlines / steering lines and loops at the frontlines / holding lines. For perfect setup, the bar should have a V or a low Y.

If you have any questions regarding the bar compatibility, just get in touch with us.

Spleene Kite Line Setup - Spleene Kiteboarding

Test result of the SPX3 – German Kitelife Magazine (German only)

SPX3 Test Kitelife Magazine

Choose the right size

Please check the right size for your weight

Kiteselector weight by Spleene Kiteboarding

Spleene Kite-Direct prices


7m: sold out
9m: 569.- Euro (Regular 1.149.- Euro)
12m: 649.- Euro (Regular 1.299.- Euro)

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