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Trainerkite Starter by Spleene Kiteboarding
Trainerkite Starter by Spleene Kiteboarding

The new Spleene Starter. The perfect school kite

The Spleene Starter has been developed especially for entering kitesurfing. Many kite schools, which are already using our boards successfully for years now, have frequently asked us for a kite that specifically fulfils the requirements of a good training kite. The Spleene Starter only needs very low wind to fly and it can easily be re-launched from the water, even with the slightest breeze.
In high wind it’s neither nervous nor too fast. The kite has got a direct bar feeling and its pressure is built-up moderately. The kite student can effectively learn how to power and depower as the kite is flown with the normal X-bar in 4-line setup. In fine, the kite significantly shortens the time you need from a pedestrian to a kiter. Are you already kiting or are you still exercising?

Which rider can use the Starter kite?

  • Beginner 100%
  • Intermediate (kids or very light riders) 100%
  • Experts (wave in very strong winds) 95%
  • Freeride/School 100%
  • Wave (very strong winds) 95%
  • Freestyle (kids or very light riders) 80%
  • Race 30%

Test Trainer-Kite


Heavy Duty Construction

Each construction detail of Spleene kites has a long research and development procedure to get a perfect working product for you. We only use the very best materials like Teijin Techno Force for the main wing canopy and strong Dacron for areas with high load. The end of the struts are reinforced with extra layers of patches to avoid abrasion. The bridle system is made of full Dyneema lines and a metal pulley. The trailing edge is supported by battens to avoid flutter in very hard turns.

Product Feature Valves

All kites are equipped with a one-pump-system with big diameter for easy in- and deflate. The big centre inflate/deflate valve is compatible with 95% of the adapters attached to the pumps on the market. This means you can inflate your kite quick and easy. A cap made of soft neoprene covers the valve and protect it from sand and dust. Inside this cap is an extra adapter stored in case your pump has no suitable adapter.
Einlassventil Trainerkite Starter by Spleene Kiteboarding

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