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Ever since Spleene started, we question the current state and look for new ways to improve, to give you the best equipment you can get

Surf & Play redefined

Spleene Kiteboard Surfdoor Range

3 Sizes available:
Surfdoor 5’1: 155 x 43 cm
Surfdoor 5’4: 163 x 44 cm
Surfdoor 5’7: 170 x 46 cm

In 5’7, the Surfdoor features a flatter rocker, which increases lightwind performance and supports heavier riders

With the Surfdoor, we combine our superior construction method with a shape, that gives Kitesurfers from all levels a totally new riding experience

– playful board control
– direct riding feedback
– quick planing
– easy upwind riding
– fantastic flex and comfort
– indestructible snowboard technology

In waves the shape offers even in narrowest turns always very good control. The fish tail is very forgiving and keeps you longer on the wave. The low stance on the board gives great direct response and the EVA foam deck creates good volume in the board and prevents miscuts in short turns. Especially in “European waves” the Surfdoor shines through its very good volume distribution, consistent planing and high comfort.

Even in flat and choppy water, the construction of the Surfdoor offers many advantages. Thanks to its flex and Advanced Jet Bottom, the Surfdoor rides incredible smooth through chop. The concave outline offers best upwind performance and the vulnerability for damages is minimal in comparison to regular directional boards. With all these preferences, the Surfdoor boosts every directional beginner in very short time into the world of Surf & Play.

For the freestyler and strapless riders, the surfdoor has a special feature: the thick rails in combination with the lower deck form a “pizza crust” which can be grabbed perfectly in the air! And with the complete EVA deck, you have the whole board as playfield. Altogether with the outstanding controllability and the direct riding experience, the Surfdoor offers a great package for every rider.

“As an absolutely playful and easy controllable board, the Surfdoor excited the whole test team. No matter if strapless freestyle, first rides on a directional or radical turns in the waves, with this invention Spleene opens up a totally new spectrum of riding experience, which is easy accessible for everybody”

German Kitelife Magazine Nr.51 (translated by Spleene)

Surfdoor best range of use

strapless freestyle in chop

small waves up to hip high

medium waves up to head high

big waves over head high and down the line surfing

What our customers say

The small Surfdoor is a fun maschine. I was out with it several times in flat water and you can grab it very well. Everything fine so far! (translated from German)


★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Volker G.
from Erfurt

I bought the Surfdoor as my first directional. No idea, how it would have worked with another board, but learning was very fast. Faster than I did expect, I also can do turns right now. (translated from German)


★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Jochen H.
from Bochum


Complete EVA Deck

Nearly the complete top side of the Zone boards is covered by EVA grip. That gives you the perfect grip on your board, brings extra volume and forms solid rails.

Kiteboard Surfdoor Design by Spleene Kiteboarding

Full Rail with Tucked under Edge

The rails with large radius and Tucked under Edge Shape in the center of the board prevent miscut at radically surfed turns. Additionally the rails form perfekt handle grips for freestyle moves.

Tucked under the edge shape by Spleene Kiteboarding

More control by lower stance

The specially shaped top side of the Surfdoor shifts the standing position substantially lower than in conventional waveboards and thereby improves the control of the board significantly.

Lower stance shype by Spleene Kiteboarding

Adjustable Scoop-Rocker-Line

The unique construction of the Surfdoor boards with flex allows you to shape the scoop-rocker-line by shifting your body.

Flexible scoop rocker designed by Spleene Kiteboarding

Advanced Jet Bottom

This Shape-Detail describes a double concave channel on the base side of the board. It allows the board to plane more freely and earlier. The profile of the double concave is not a simple radius. The Spleene developed Advanced Jet Bottom has a parabolic shape. Compared to a normal double concave the Advanced Jet Bottom provides significantly more “edge bite” as it channels the waterflow along its edges. Even in choppy conditions the difference is very noticeable.

Kiteboard Surfdoor bottom by Spleene Kiteboarding
Kiteboard Surfdoor bottom shape by Spleene Kiteboarding

Concave outline

The concave outline is responsible for the enormous upwind performance. The waterway is longer and so you have less drift. The flex in the board is creating a geometry that let the Surfdoor always facing towards upwind. The outline at the nose and tail is shaped for perfect wave riding to get good edging. The extra surface at the tail gives you more lift for catching more waves even if you lost it!

Kiteboard Surfdoor Outline by Spleene Kiteboarding

Prepared for Hydrofoils

All Surfdoor boards are prepared with integrated reinforcements for hydrofoil assembly. You can simply drill through the board and use normal screws to attach your foil. The distance between the holes is 120 x 90mm. The positions of the holes are marked with a small sticker on top side where the EVA deck is left blank.

Kiteboard Surfdoor drill holes by Spleene Kiteboarding

Multiple fin positions

All Surfdoor boards are equipped with many fin holes, so you can use a twin fin setup at the inner and the outer holes. You can use a Thruster-Setup (3 fins) as well as a Quad-Setup (4 fins). You can even ride these boards with one single fin in the center for speed rides. The standard setup is the Thruster-setup. This way the board is delivered, but you can modify. Please ask us.

Kiteboard Surfdoor drill holes fins by Spleene Kiteboarding

Multiple strap positions

All Surfdoor boards are equipped with many inserts for strap assembly, so so will definitely find the right position for your style if you do not prefer strapless surfing. The standard delivery state is without straps, but we can serve them optionally, see accessories below.

Kiteboard Surfdoor drill holes foil by Spleene Kiteboarding


All Spleene Boards are produced with a form-glued, CNC-milled woodcore. The Zones are produced in solid Snow-Board-Construction and therefore almost indestructible. You can even do high jumps without the risk of dents at the straps area.

Kiteboard Surfdoor with woodcore by Spleene Kiteboarding


Kiteboard Surfdoor Design top by Spleene Kiteboarding


Spleene Kiteboarding Wave Fins 10.5
Spleene Kiteboarding Straps for Waveboard

Testresult in the German Kitelife Magazine
Surfdoor 5’1


(available in German)

Kitelife Magazin - Kiteboard Surfdoor by Spleene Kiteboarding

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