SQUID Kite Wave - SPLEENE Kiteboarding


Foil & Wave Kite

After your first foil or wave session you will ask yourself: what have I been waiting for to fly the SQUID? With its innovative Drift-Hybrid-Shape and next-gen tube material, the SQUID is super light and extremely agile - perfect for foiling and wave riding. You'll love the incredible drift and effective depower, even in classic freeride.

The SQUID is the first kite of the SPLEENE Pro Line. As with the Carbon Pro Line kiteboards, you get exclusive materials combined with the highest quality production processes. Minimum weight for high performance kite equipment.

  • Super light & incredible drift
  • Direct feel & maximum agility
  • Tight turning & easy kiteloops
  • Effective depower & easy relaunch
  • Bridle Modes & Fixed Bridle Option
  • Easy freeriding & jumping
Kite size: 7m

Kite size: 9m

Variants from €1,299.00*
Kite size: 11m

Variants from €1,299.00*