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Leon Schuster

Favorite spot: Porto Pollo Sardinien

My style: Freestyle, Big Air & Kiteloops

Perfect setting: WAKE 38 PUNK 9

Luis - SPLEENE Kiteboarding Teamrider

Luis Ángel Lafrance

Favorite spot:  Cabarete

My style: Freestyle, Big Air

Perfect setting: WAKE 38 & PUNK 9

Henry - SPLEENE Kiteboarding Teamrider

Henry Beland

Favorite spot: Sankt Peter-Ording

My style: Big Air

Perfect setting: WAKE 38 & HAZE 9

Julian - SPLEENE Kiteboarding Teamrider

Julian Wohlrab

Favorite spot: Everywhere in Germany

My style: Big Air, Megaloops & Wake

Perfect setting: WAKE 38 & PUNK 9

Miguel - SPLEENE Kiteboarding Teamrider

Miguel Rothes

Favorite spot: Praia do Cabedelo, Viana do Castelo

My style: Big Air

Perfect setting: WAKE 35 & HAZE 9

Theresa - SPLEENE Kiteboarding Teamrider

Theresa Münker

Favorite spot: Mirns, Djerba

My style: Freeride, Freestyle & Foil

Perfect setting: RIP 36 & PUNK 10,5

Dietmar - SPLEENE Kiteboarding Teamrider

Dietmar Flick

Favorite spot:  Fehmarn

My style:  Freestyle, Wake & Foil

Perfect setting: RIP 36 & PUNK 9

Ulf - SPLEENE Kiteboarding Teamrider

Ulf Hamacher

Favorite spot: Ostsee zw. Wismar & Kiel

My style: Big Air & Old-School Styler

Perfect setting: Carbon Pro RIP & HAZE 9

Nora - SPLEENE Kiteboarding Teamrider

Nora Oberländer

Favorite spot: Büsum & Cuyo Island

My style: Wakestyle-addicted & Foil

Perfect setting: WAKE 38, FABFOIL & PUNK 9

Kelvin - SPLEENE Kiteboarding Teamrider

Kelvin Corniel

Favorite spot: Cabarete

My style: “Old school” Freestyle, Strapless

Perfect setting: ZONE or CROSS & PUNK 12

Silvia - SPLEENE Kiteboarding Teamrider

Silvia Ciudad

Favorite spot: Sant Pere Pescador

My style: Freestyle

Perfect setting: WAKE 35 & PUNK 9

Fabian - SPLEENE Kiteboarding Teamrider

Fabian Föhrenbach

Favorite spot: Chiemsee

My style: Strapless Freestyle

Perfect setting: CROSS & SQUID 9

Jürgen - SPLEENE Kiteboarding Teamrider

Jürgen Klingler

Favorite spot: Workum, Cabarete, Diani Beach

My style: Twintip-Styler & Wave-Victim

Perfect setting: RS 38 & PUNK 9

Susi - SPLEENE Kiteboarding Team

Susi Tauche

Favorite spot: Liwagao Island & Le Morne

My style: Strapless Freestyle

Perfect setting: CROSS & SQUID 9

Benjamin - SPLEENE Kiteboarding Teamrider

Benjamin Püschel

Favorite spot: Neusiedler See

My style: Allrounder & Lightwind-Junkie

Perfect setting: RS 38 & PUNK 12

Tao - SPLEENE Kiteboarding Teamrider


Favorite spot: La Franqui, Leucate

My style: Big Air & Freestyle

Perfect setting: WAKE 35 & SPX 7

Milu - SPLEENE Kiteboarding Teamrider


Favorite spot: Fisherman’s Hut Beach , Aruba

My style: Big Air

Perfect setting: WAKE 38 & SPX 12

Florian - SPLEENE Kiteboarding Teamrider

Florian Meise
Favorite spot:  Brouwersdam

My style: Freestyle

Perfect setting: WAKE 38 HAZE 9

Moritz - SPLEENE Kiteboarding Teamrider

Moritz Happel

Favorite spot: Witsands, SA & Wijk ann Zee

My style: Freeride, Freestyle & Wave

Perfect setting: WAKE 38 & HAZE 9

Cynthia Teamrider - SPLEENE Kiteboarding

Cynthia Ndonga

Favorite spot: Lamu Archipelago, Galu Beach

My style: Freeride, Freestyle & Wave

Perfect setting: RIP 39 & HAZE 12

Alex - SPLEENE Kiteboarding Teamrider

Alex Potthoff

Favorite spot: Sankt Peter-Ording & Kegnaes

My style: Freestyle, Old-School

Perfect setting: RIP 39 & HAZE 9

Ben - SPLEENE Kiteboarding Teamrider

Ben Kleppe

Favorite spot: Fred Howard Park - Tarpon Springs, Florida

My style: Freestyle, Wave & Foil

Perfect setting: WAKE 38 & PUNK 9

Andri - SPLEENE Kiteboarding Teamrider

Andri Ramirez

Favorite spot: Cabarete

My style: Full send

Perfect setting: Eco Line RIP 39 & HAZE 12

Kevin - SPLEENE Kiteboarding Teamrider

Kevin Stehr

Favorite spot: Ringkøbing Fjord

My style: Big Air & Wakestyle

Perfect setting: WAKE 38 & PUNK 10,5

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