SPLEENE Testevents worldwide


Are you interested in our new kites, kiteboards and foils?

Then the SPLEENE Testevents are the right place for you. Take a look and find the next event at your spot.
SPLEENE mobile testcenter dates:
  • 23. March - 6. April - St. Pere Pescador, Spain
  • 29. March - 1. April - Mirns, Netherlands
  • 8. - 16. April - Fuerteventura, Canary Islands
  • 29. Mai - 2. June - Mirns, Netherlands
  • 29. June - 16. July - St. Pere Pescador, Spain
  • Further dates 2024 follow soon
You want to try SPLEENE Kites, Kitesboards and Foils? Just get in touch with us.
High Tech RIP Action - SPLEENE Kiteboarding
Spleene Testevents und Testivals - Kite test

At our test stations and mobile test centres you have the opportunity to try out SPLEENE kites, kiteboards and foils all year round. For example at Vertigo Kiteboarding at the North Sea spot Dornumersiel. Our mobile test centres are on the road all over Europe - just get in touch with us and we'll find the next test opportunity for you.

In addition to the events, test festivals and test stations, you can also conveniently test SPLEENE products with TRYUP! The material will be delivered to your home and you can work with it at your leisure. Find out more Test now in Germany