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Lightwind & Freeride Kite

15m – 17m
Kite including Backpack

The BIG is the new lightwind kite from SPLEENE. Powerful in the lowest wind range and easy handling for endless freeride pleasure. In addition, outstanding agility thanks to Gemini-4-Strut design.

  • Super low end
  • Easy handling
  • Maximum agility
  • Huge windrange
  • Direct feeling
  • Mega hangtime


Available, delivery time 2-5 days

Kite size
Product number: 21KIBI17
BIG Lightwind Kite Detail - SPLEENE Kiteboarding
BIG Lightwind Kite Detail - SPLEENE Kiteboarding
BIG Lightwind Kite Detail - SPLEENE Kiteboarding
BIG Lightwind Kite Detail Bag - SPLEENE Kiteboarding

BIGger is better!

The SPLEENE BIG will save your kite stats. Fun lightwind sessions with an unusually agile tube kite

BIG Lightwind Kite Banner - SPLEENE Kiteboarding

Range of use of the BIG Kite

BIG Lightwind Kite Characteristics Range - SPLEENE Kiteboarding
BIG Lightwind Kite Wind Range - SPLEENE Kiteboarding

Highlights of the SPLEENE BIG

What´s new?

The BIG sends its predecessor QX light into retirement. The new lightwind kite from SPLEENE comes with many improvements.

The new bridle increases the wind range and provides more agility. The homogeneous bar feel enables precise, effortless and direct feedback.

The premium material from Japan is used for the canopy. Minimal material stretch and stable for years with its excellent properties. For the front tube and struts, the important skeleton of the BIG, we rely on high end Dacron, made by Dimension Polyant in Germany. Maximum stability with minimum weight gives the BIG its consistent profile in every situation. The result is a kite with an ultra-direct flight feeling.

The BIG sets new standards in manufacturing. Seams, valves, connections – numerous details were put to the test and further optimised. The effort was worth it: the BIG has the highest level of quality.

Super low end & easy handling

Key feature of a good lightwind kite? It has to start early and remain stable if the wind picks up. This describes the BIG perfectly. Even in the 17m size, you can use the kite up to 20 knots. The minimum wind speed required is 6 knots.

Jumping with the BIG is also a real pleasure. Whether you actively build up line tension over the edge or simply steer the kite “backwards”. The BIG lifts you powerfully into the air. Due to its size alone, you can enjoy real sightseeing flights.

Especially during lightwind sessions, the kite can fall into the water. No problem with the BIG. One pull over the steering line is enough to relaunch the kite. The Delta profile quickly straightens the kite and the BIG simply launches into the air at the edge of the wind window. You can also launch the BIG backwards using both steering lines.

Maximum agility

The BIG’s Gemini-4-Strut design is unbeatable in terms of turning speed and responsiveness.

Why? Kites without a middle strut twist far better than kites with a middle strut – the best prerequisite for direct turning. The BIG implements steering commands more directly and precisely. You will be surprised how agile kites of this size can fly and how much fun the kite is for freeriding.

Huge windrange

Thanks to its lightwind profile, the BIG has a lot of power that can be harnessed directly. The pull is powerful and controlled, especially in the low end. The lightest of breezes will get you on the board.

But even when the wind picks up, the BIG remains very controllable, an indispensable safety feature with gusty winds. The optimised bridle, the Gemini-4-Strut design and the balanced centre of gravity make for a more efficient depower. At the same time, you can give or take a lot of power to the kite via the adjuster. You can easily fly both kite sizes over 20 knots.

Direct feeling

The bar feeling of the BIG is homogeneously tuned. Even when you fly the kite at full power, the kite is easy on your arms. Nevertheless, you get enough feedback from the kite and always know exactly where it is.

In addition, the Quad-Ripstop Teijin 4X prevents any spongy feeling. The premium flying cloth makes the kite not only more robust, but also much more direct over the entire wind range than double or triple ripstop cloths.

Mega hangtime

The power of the BIG also shows in the air. The Gemini-4-Strut design gives the kite a lot of free area in the centre. Combined with the high aspect ratio, the BIG carries you through the air with mega hangtime.  You can enjoy the flights to the fullest, have plenty of time for board- offs and other tricks with a floaty gentle landing.

The SPLEENE BIG at the Kitelife Magazine (German)

BIG Lightwind Kite Banner - SPLEENE Kiteboarding

What´s the technology behind the SPLEENE BIG?

Never stop innovating. The BIG combines refined design details with high-end materials and the best workmanship. The result is one of the best freeride kites on the market

Performance Delta-Shape

Modern lightwind kites are designed in the Delta-Shape. With this shape, the so-called aspect ratio, simply put, the ratio of length to height of a kite, is significantly greater than with C-kites, for example. Lightwind kites are more elongated, offer the wind more lift surface and therefore need to be moved less to develop propulsive power. The leading edge is swept, which gives the kite a pleasant bar feeling and simplifies the relaunch. We have trimmed the Delta-Shape of the BIG for a large wind range with a deep low end and overall easy handling. Despite its size, the kite is enormously agile. We have designed the bar feeling to be homogeneous. So you can enjoy many sessions with your BIG without having to massage your arms in the evening.

Gemini-4-Strut design

SPLEENE consistently relies on a 4-Strut design for its kites. Compared to kites with a middle strut, a 4-Strut kite combines the characteristics of two worlds: A stable strut skeleton for highest loads with a simultaneously weight-optimized setup to stand stable in the sky even in light winds.

The Gemini-4-Strut design offers another decisive advantage: without the center strut, the kite can torsion perfectly around the longitudinal tab and implements steering commands immediately. In addition, the kite is free-flowing in the center, creating tremendous forward and upwind lift. As a result, you get an ultra-fast kite with extremely large wind range and an incredible hangtime.

Adaptive bridle system

The 4-point bridle of the BIG is equipped with three pulleys. The kite permanently adapts its profile to the wind and gently absorbs gusts. Even in fast maneuvers, the adaptive bridle system allows ultra-fast adjustment and harmonious response of the kite. The BIG thus receives a significantly larger wind range – a decisive advantage over so-called fixed bridle systems.

Premium-Ripstop from Japan

The BIG is equipped with the best canopy that the market has to offer. The premium canopy from Japan is the non-plus-ultra for kites since some years. The material has best values in terms of stretch, tear strength, weight and UV resistance. The ripstop not only makes the kite more durable – the whole feeling becomes more direct and you get a noticeably better feedback of the kite.

High-End-Dacron “made in Germany”

Front tube, struts and kite reinforcements are equipped with an extremely high-quality Dacron from the German manufacturer Dimension Polyant. This Dacron has a very high strength with a very low weight at the same time. The kite can be inflated tightly if necessary to perform confidently even in strong winds. The UV resistance is also outstanding – a very important criteria for the longevity of the kite.

Of course, the BIG features a one-pump system. The new One-Pump valve is equipped with a bayonet lock and allows quick inflation and deflation. The struts have extra wide ports and can be closed with a clamp if needed. Valves and bladder, also “made in Germany”, are welded with a special technique to save you from “flat feet”.

V-Cut panels

The panels in the canopy are aligned in a V-shape. This distributes the forces in the canopy of the kite optimally. The kite remains stable and calm even in heavy gusts. At the same time, the pressure point on the bar remains the same and requires less intervention.