Carbon Pro RIP - SPLEENE Kiteboarding

Carbon Pro RIP '2021

High Performance Kiteboard

139 x 42,5 cm – 2 kg
Kiteboard including grab and 5cm fins

Incredibly light, maximum agility and the highest performance. The Carbon Pro RIP puts every conventional freeride kiteboard in the shade.

  • Minimal weight
  • Ultra-direct feeling
  • Carbon performance
  • Maximum acceleration
  • Big Air boosting
  • Handcrafted in Germany


Available in 999 days, delivery time 2-5 days

Product number: 20SETCP391
Carbon Pro Kiteboard Detail - SPLEENE Kiteboarding
Carbon Pro Kiteboard Detail - SPLEENE Kiteboarding
Carbon Pro Kiteboard Detail - SPLEENE Kiteboarding
Carbon Pro Kiteboard Detail - SPLEENE Kiteboarding

100% Focus – no compromises!

Experience a new kiteboarding dimension. Minimum weight and maximum performance!

Carbon Pro Kiteboard Session Door cruising - SPLEENE Kiteboarding

Range of use of the Carbon Pro RIP

Carbon Pro RIP - Characteristics - SPLEENE Kiteboarding

Highlights of the Carbon RIP in detail

What´s new?

The structure of the new Carbon Pro generation has been further optimized. Forces are optimally absorbed and create a greate smoothness. At the same time, the carbon kiteboard offers maximum precision at all time, combined with absolutely direct in feedback. The reinforcement structure around the pads has been redesigned and offers high stability with lowest weight.

The wood core, the heart of every Carbon Pro kiteboard, has also received an update. We have optimized the damping properties and fine-tuned the composition with the carbon scrim layers an even more harmonious ride.

In terms of design, the new Carbon Pro Kiteboards now come with elegant white. The strong contrast and the timeless white harmonizes with the straps, pads and fins and helps you find the kiteboard quickly in the water.

Minimal weight

Like all kiteboards in the Carbon Pro Line, the RIP is made with the high-end X³ carbon layer. The non-woven carbon fibres distribute forces optimally and build up extremely flat, which significantly reduces the use of resin. The resulting weight is extremly noticeable at all times. Carbon Pro boards are livelier, much easier to turn and convey an indescribable feeling in the air.

Ultra-direct feeling

Super lightweight, optimal construction and the 3D milled wood core provide an ultra-direct riding experience. The direct feedback is in no comparison to a conventional fibreglass kiteboard. The playful control and maximum agility take you to a new level of kiteboarding.

Carbon performance

The energy absorption and recovery speed of the high-end carbon layers cannot be achieved with conventional construction or often used “optical” carbon. The Carbon Pro RIP 39 has an unbelievable performance with extremely precise control at the same time. Expecially in take off, the outstanding properties and the terrific pop of the carbon construction becomes visible.

Maximum acceleration

Top speed in just a few seconds! Like a racing car, the Carbon Pro RIP pulls away with immense acceleration. The speed rush never stops and the Carbon Pro RIP reaches a very high top speed. Perfect for speed freaks.

Big air boosting

The size, shape, weight and construction with X³ Carbon layers make the Carbon Pro RIP 39 a jumping machine par excellence. Even in the medium wind range, you can reach jump heights that are otherwise only reserved for the pros. In strong wind, excellent control and comfort allow you to always find the best take off. Then there are no limits to height and distance.

Handcrafted in Germany

Each Carbon Pro Board is individually manufactured. Highest precision and experience in handling resin and carbon enable the extreme performance and weight values.

Carbon Pro Banner Kiteboard - SPLEENE Kiteboarding

What´s the technology behind the SPLEENE Carbon Pro RIP?

Half a decade of experience has gone into the Carbon Pro line. The latest generation combines all development highlights and innovations

Advanced Jet Bottom

The bottom shape is characterized by a channel with a double concave. As a result, the kiteboard slides early. Instead of a simple radius, a parabolic shape is used in the Spleene Advanced Jet Bottom. Compared to a conventional double concave, the Advanced Jet Bottom allows significantly more edge grip and pushes the water along the edges. In choppy conditions, the effect is very clear. In addition, the water surface is broken up when the kiteboard hits it, thus allowing a smooth landing after jumps.

X³ Carbon construction

The Carbon Pro Line uses a carbon layup specially developed for SPLEENE. The fibres are not interwoven but arranged next to each other. This allows minimum resin use with maximum efficient force flow. The combination of carbon layers in -30° | 0° | +30° distributes torsional forces optimally, far better than conventional 45° arrangements.

Production is done by hand in Germany to ensure the greatest possible care in the manufacturing process.

Center reinforcements

High-end carbon kiteboards are manufactured at the construction limit in order to bring minimal weight to the scales. The Carbon Pro kiteboards are specially reinforced at the neuralgic points in the pad area. This allows for optimal durability and breakage safety.

Beveled Rail

The slight elevation on the side of the kiteboard increases comfort enormously. This makes kitesurfing a lot easier without cutting or splashing water – especially in harsh conditions.

Spider Frame 3D Deck

The top side of the Carbon Pro RIP 39 has Spider Frame 3D Deck. This cut makes the wood core thinner and the kiteboard significantly lighter. In addition, the V-deck in the board precisely determines the flex. The kiteboard gets its playful feel and always offers excellent grip in carved turns.


All SPLEENE Kiteboarding Carbon Pro Line kiteboards are produced with a CNC-milled wood core. Thanks to the outstanding damping properties of wood, the SPLEENE kiteboards have a very high riding comfort and protect the joints for many hours of riding. With the ultra-light Carbon Pro boards, we do not abandon the unsurpassed properties of wood. Even if foam cores achieve better values in terms of weight, the riding feeling of wood remains unsurpassed.

Straps, Pads and Fins

The SPLEENE straps, pads and fins are perfectly matched to SPLEENE kiteboards. The pads are anatomically adapted to the foot and provide extra good hold by the toe rim. For the straps we offer the Standard Straps with Velcro and the Pro Straps with ratchets. All straps allow different mounting positions and can be individually adjusted. The SPLEENE kiteboarding fins are made of extra hard G10 material for best performance.