High Tech SESSION 45 - SPLEENE Kiteboarding

High Tech SESSION 45

Freeride Kiteboard

145 x 44 - 2,9 kg
Kiteboard including grab and 5cm fins

The SESSION is the best freeride kiteboard for the big guys and a great lightwind kiteboard for lightweights. If you choose a 1-kiteboard strategy, the SESSION provides you with the perfect all-in-one setup.

  • Effortless upwind riding
  • Excellent jumping
  • Direct feeling & maximum control
  • Spider Frame 3D Deck
  • Advanced Jet Bottom
  • Shark Skin Surface
  • Made in Europe


Available, delivery time 2-5 days

Product number: 22SETHT451
High Tech SESSION Detail - SPLEENE Kiteboarding
High Tech SESSION Detail - SPLEENE Kiteboarding
High Tech SESSION Action - SPLEENE Kiteboarding
High Tech SESSION Detail - SPLEENE Kiteboarding

One Kiteboard for every condition!

The High Tech SESSION is the best mix of lightwind and freeride. No other kiteboard provides you with a better tuning for this. The perfect all-in-one kiteboard.

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Range of use of the SPLEENE SESSION 45

High Tech Characteristics - SPLEENE Kiteboarding

Highlights of the SESSION 45 in detail

What´s new?

How do you optimize an already perfect kiteboard? 3 years after our last model we can say that we have an even better version of the SPLEENE SESSION.

Once again we were able to minimize the weight! Our SESSION in classic construction with wood core, fiberglass as well as bottom and deck sheet is lighter than many (pseudo) carbon kiteboards that cost three times as much. We achieve this through our sophisticated Spider Frame 3D deck, the use of the finest materials and a production at the highest level. Here our 20 years of experience in kiteboard development and manufacturing pay off.

The new SESSION has a sportier setup. The new width of 44 cm makes it more agile. A new construction provides more pop and direct feeling. The updates make the SESSION great. In combination with the optimized curve and the new outline we have developed a real lightwind and freeride weapon. The Advanced Jet Bottom in the bottom provides the best grip and smooth landings with perfect guidance.

As usual from SPLEENE, our kiteboards not only ride sensational, they also look great. When you unpack your new board, you immediately feel like you're at a dreamlike kite spot with bright white sand, turquoise water, majestic blue sky and lush green landscape in the background. The refreshing design not only works on land, it also shines on the water. Your kite pictures will be terrific.

Lightwind Freeride Kiteboard

The SESSION is the lightwind freeride kiteboard from SPLEENE. Thanks to the low weight and the balance between bending curve, flex, outline and bottom shapel, you can already glide with the SESSION in very little wind. With its sporty design, you have full control at all times, even when the wind picks up. Choppy water? No problem with the SESSION!

The SESSION is the optimal mix of lightwind and freeride. For the heavy kiter (> 100 kg) the SESSION is THE freeride board. Light kiter have with the SESSION the lightwind weapon under their feet. For kite beginners it guarantees a steep learning curve. Or you can't decide whether to RIP or DOOR? Then the SESSION is your perfect all-in-one kiteboard.

Effortless upwind riding

In light winds, the biggest challenge is getting back to where you started. Especially when the wind is enough to do some trick, which costs you decent height. This is where the SESSION scores. With its slight concave in the middle of the kiteboard, it pulls you upwind fantastically well. The concave is not as extreme as the DOOR, so the freeride characteristics come close to those of the RIP. The fin arrangement is chosen like the RIP, i.e. all four fins sit at the board edge. You can easily start or land your freestyle tricks switch.

In the SESSION are 20 years of concentrated experience in the development of kiteboards. That makes the difference. You will feel it immediately on the water.

Excellent jumping

What makes kiting fun even in light winds? Of course - you want to jump! Thanks to the sporty upgrade, we were able to noticeably improve the jumping characteristics of the SESSION. With the firmer tuning it has significantly more pop.

The more aggressive outline gives you more edge pressure. With this, the SESSION can be loaded up properly to shoot you powerfully into the airspace of your home spot. With the Advanced Jet Bottom, the SESSION releases smoothly from the water and sets you down again gently. .

Direct feeling & maximum control

The SESSION shows its strengths in low and medium wind ranges. It brings you enormously early into the glide, wind holes you simply drive through and it feels super agile.

With the sophisticated overall construction you have full control over the kiteboard at all times. The heart of the SESSION is the 3D milled wood core, embedded in the Spider Frame 3D deck. Only wood - no other material in this world - gives you a better riding experience during your moves.

With its extremely low weight, which puts some carbon boards in the shade, the SESSION feels absolutely playful and ultra direct. Cruising, switching, carving and charging for jumps - with the SESSION it's all playful.

High comfort

Comfort is one of the most important features of our High Tech Line. Thanks to the flex of the Spider Frame 3D deck as well as the Advanced Jet Bottom, impacts are effectively absorbed and allow you to ride smoothly even in choppy water.

The 3D milled wood core provides a very smooth ride and natural damping. Even during long sessions your knees and joints are protected. Choppy water has never been an issue with SPLEENE kiteboards. We simply know how to design the outline of a kiteboard to completely eliminate the annoying splash water.

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What´s the technology behind the SPLEENE High Tech SESSION?

SPLEENE Kiteboarding is a pioneer in the industry and has driven the development of kiteboards as we know them today. 20 years of board know how are in this 10th generation of the High Tech Line.

Spider Frame 3D Deck

Often imitated, never reached - the SPLEENE Spider Frame 3D Deck with its 3D milled wood core as the heart! The high art of developing kiteboards is, on the one hand, to have enough material thickness available in the areas at risk of breakage, on the other hand, to deliberately make certain areas thinner and thus more flexible. Above all, the goal is to achieve the lowest possible total weight for the kiteboard.

The Spider Frame 3D deck creates the basis for this and gives the kiteboard maximum torsional stiffness - without compromise! The thinning edge areas create a perfect flex. Areas where low forces are generated are radically designed for minimum weight.

Advanced Jet Bottom

The bottom shape is characterized by a channel with double concaves. This allows the kiteboard to glide significantly earlier and more freely than conventional bottoms. Instead of a simple radius, the SPLEENE Advanced Jet Bottom uses a parabolic shape.

With our Advanced Jet Bottom you have significantly more grip, the water is pushed along the edges. In choppy conditions, the effect is particularly noticeable. Like a racing boat, the water surface is broken up by the sophisticated bottom shape. Your jumps end in buttery soft landings.

Shark Skin Surface

The bottom of the kiteboard is built with a special technique. This gives the kiteboard the Shark Skin effect with reduced friction. The result is faster planing and higher speed. You will feel that immediately.

3D Wood Core

All SPLEENE kiteboards are produced with a form glued, 3D CNC milled wood core. Thanks to the superior damping properties of wood, the SPLEENE kiteboards have a very high ride comfort, give maximum feedback and will give you great pleasure for years.

The 3D milled wood core is the heart of the Spider Frame 3D deck and determines the structure and character of the kiteboard.

Beveled Rails

Small detail with big effect: The slight elevation on the side of the kiteboard increases the comfort enormously. Even in rough conditions you kite effortlessly, without cutting in or splashing water in the face.

UV-safe Graphics

The specially developed top sheet of the kiteboard is provided with UV protection. Even many hours in the blazing sun do not harm the kiteboard. The colors shine even after years as on the first day.

Straps, Pads and Fins

The SPLEENE straps, pads and fins are perfectly matched to our kiteboards. The pads are anatomically adapted to the foot and provide extra good support by a toe edge. Get on and feel good!

For the straps we offer the Standard Straps with velcro and the Pro Straps with ratchets, even in two sizes. All straps allow different mounting positions and can be adjusted individually.

The SPLEENE Kiteboarding fins are made of extra hard G10 material, for best performance.