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Megaloop & Freestyle Kite

5m - 7m – 9m - 10,5m – 12m
Kite including Backpack

The PUNK is your all purpose weapon for megaloops, double handle passes and radical wave action. Performance-C-Shape and Gemini-4-Strut design form a perfect symbiosis with the new high-end materials.

  • Highest precision & control
  • Maximum turning speed
  • Huge wind range
  • Lightning fast reaction
  • Powerful megaloops
  • Explosive freestyle


Available, delivery time 2-5 days

Kite size
Product number: 21KIPU7
Punk Kite in Brazil - SPLEENE Kiteboarding
Punk Kite in Cabarete - SPLEENE Kiteboarding
Punk Kite in Cabarete - SPLEENE Kiteboarding
PUNK Kite in sunrise - SPLEENE Kiteboarding

Are you ready for the real punch?

With the SPLEENE PUNK you can go for extreme megaloops. And excel in freestyle, in the wave and on the foil at the same time

PUNK Kiteloop - SPLEENE Kiteboarding

Range of use of the PUNK Kite

PUNK Characteristics - SPLEENE Kiteboarding
PUNK Windrange - SPLEENE Kiteboarding

Highlights of the SPLEENE PUNK

What´s new?

The PUNK replaces its predecessor SPX. The performance C-Kite has been further optimized.

Especially for the small sizes, we have adjusted the bridle setting to ensure absolute profile stability and precision even in extreme conditions.

As with our other kite models, we elevate materials and manufacturing to the highest level. For the flying cloth we use premium canopy from Japan. It is characterized by minimal material stretch and retains its excellent properties for years.

For front tube and struts we use high end Dacron, made in Germany, by Dimension Polyant. This ensures that the profile of the PUNK remains maximally stable in every situation. Thanks to the low weight and high stability, the PUNK reacts lightning fast and very precisely in all your maneuvers.

Of course, the manufacturing also follows our new quality standards. We have optimized numerous details, whether seams, valves or connections. The PUNK is Champion League!

Highest precision & control

The predecessor SPX was already known for its reactivity. With the new high-end materials, the PUNK converts steering impulses even faster and more precisely. And offers an even more direct feeling.

The kite is perfectly controlled in any situation, whether in gusty and rough conditions or in brutal megaloops.

Thanks to the Performance-C-Shape, the PUNK becomes a real crossover genius and offers an incredibly wide range of action areas: it has always been the first choice among freestylers. And thanks to its agility and excellent depower characteristics, it is also a perfect tool in the waves or on the foil.

Maximum turning speed

C-Kites, with their low aspect ratio, have always belonged to the agile kites - in contrast to freeride kites with high aspect ratio.

The Gemini-4-Strut design also acts like an additional turbo. Turning speed and responsiveness of the PUNK are in a different league.

Why? Kites without a center strut twist far better than kites with a center strut - the best prerequisite for direct turning.

Huge wind range

With its Performance-C-Shape, the PUNK unfolds its full performance when it is moved. So you can get on board or on foil even with little wind. This is a major difference to classic freeride kites, like our HAZE, which have a higher basic pull and rely less on movement.

In contrast to the first C-Kites, modern C-shapes with bridle now offer a lot of depower. You can ride the PUNK with full control in strong winds. The depower works extremely efficiently and the kite remains very controllable even in extreme conditions.

Lightning fast reaction

The PUNK is aimed at kiters who are looking for a very agile and reactive kite with precise power delivery.

The homogenous bar feeling is not only optimal for freestyle moves. You can also feel the advantage on the foil or waveboard.

You can steer the PUNK in the desired direction at any time and precisely take out pressure via the bar.

During kiteloops, you not only get to feel the full power, but you can also time your landing loops perfectly for a smooth landing.

Powerful megaloops

With a radical boost, the PUNK pulls you upwards. After a bold steering input into the kiteloop, the PUNK punches you into the horizon.

At the beginning you will be scared. But then you will be addicted!

The PUNK turns fast, powerful and uncompromising. Your steering angle precisely determines the radii and you can rely 100% on the catch. With a heliloop, you are set down gently and ready to go directly into the next maneuver.

Explosive freestyle

Unhooked tricks give you the kick? Then the pop and slack of the PUNK will thrill you. The pop shoots you explosively into the air.

Thanks to C-shapes and wide tips, the kite remains stable in the power zone and you can fully concentrate on your rotations. Thanks to proper line slack, you also pull through double handle passes cleanly.

The SPLEENE PUNK Kite tested in the Kitelife Magazin (German)

PUNK Kites - SPLEENE Kiteboarding

What´s the technology behind the SPLEENE PUNK?

The PUNK is much more than a name change. High end materials and fine tuning noticeably increase the performance of our Megaloop & Freestyle Kite


C-Kites have always been a must have for all freestylers. The first generations had almost no depower, so the use was reserved only for experts. Over time, this handicap was solved, especially by more intelligent bridle systems.

In addition, the leading edge was minimally swept, so that the kite can be adjusted much better. With a slightly larger aspect ratio, modern C-Shape work well in low wind and get very good freeride characteristics.

The fine tuning of the PUNK's Performance-C-shape makes it a perfect crossover kite. Thanks to its C-Kite genes it works great in freestyle. It pulls through megaloops powerfully and the radius can be controlled precisely. With its agility and depower characteristics it is also a great companion for your wave and foil sessions.

Gemini-4-Strut design

SPLEENE consistently relies on a 4-Strut design for its kites. Compared to kites with a middle strut, a 4-Strut kite combines the characteristics of two worlds: A stable strut skeleton for highest loads with a simultaneously weight-optimized setup to stand stable in the sky even in light winds.

The Gemini-4-Strut design offers another decisive advantage: without the center strut, the kite can torsion perfectly around the longitudinal tab and implements steering commands immediately. In addition, the kite is free-flowing in the center, creating tremendous forward and upwind lift. As a result, you get an ultra-fast kite with extremely large wind range and an incredible hangtime.

Adaptive bridle system

The 4-point bridle of the PUNK is equipped with three pulleys. The kite permanently adapts its profile to the wind and gently absorbs gusts. Even in fast maneuvers, the adaptive bridle system allows ultra-fast adjustment and harmonious response of the kite. The PUNK thus receives a significantly larger wind range – a decisive advantage over so called fixed bridle systems.

Premium-Ripstop from Japan

The PUNK is equipped with the best canopy that the market has to offer. The premium canopy from Japan is the non-plus-ultra for kites since some years. The material has best values in terms of stretch, tear strength, weight and UV resistance. The ripstop not only makes the kite more durable – the whole feeling becomes more direct and you get a noticeably better feedback of the kite.

High-End-Dacron “made in Germany”

Front tube, struts and kite reinforcements are equipped with an extremely high-quality Dacron from the German manufacturer Dimension Polyant. This Dacron has a very high strength with a very low weight at the same time. The kite can be inflated tightly if necessary to perform confidently even in strong winds. The UV resistance is also outstanding – a very important criteria for the longevity of the kite.

Of course, the PUNK features a one-pump system. The new one pump valve is equipped with a bayonet lock and allows quick inflation and deflation. The struts have extra wide ports and can be closed with a clamp if needed. Valves and bladder, also “made in Germany”, are welded with a special technique to save you from “flat feet”.

V-Cut panels

The panels in the canopy are aligned in a V-shape. This distributes the forces in the canopy of the kite optimally. The kite remains stable and calm even in heavy gusts. At the same time, the pressure point on the bar remains the same and requires less intervention.