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Freeride & Freestyle Wing

3,5m – 4,5m – 5,2m – 6,2m
Wing including Backpack and Leash

The SPICE is the Freeride & Freestyle wing from SPLEENE. A powerful profile paired with many innovative features form the ultimate allround wing. Discover new spots, new moves and push your level further!

  • Power Profile
  • Easy handling
  • Huge windrange
  • 2-chamber frame
  • High end construction
  • Skate Guards ready


Available, delivery time 2-5 days

Wing size
Product number: 22WISP5
SPICE Wing on the water - SPLEENE Kiteboarding
SPICE Wing details - SPLEENE Kiteboarding
SPICE Wing details - SPLEENE Kiteboarding
SPICE Wing photoshooting - SPLEENE Kiteboarding

New sport, new moves, new freedom - SPICE it up!

Pump two or three times and off you go! Lake, river or sea. With the SPICE you discover new spots, everywhere.

SPICE Wing banner - SPLEENE Kiteboarding

Windrange of the SPICE wing

Highlights of the SPLEENE SPICE

Effortless foiling

The SPICE wing generates a lot of power already in the lower wind range. You can get directly on the foil in low wind and enjoy extensive light wind sessions. On the foil you have the speed pedal in your hand. Even gusty lake conditions the SPICE masters terrific and you can simply fly through wind holes until the next gust comes.

When pumping to start the SPICE shows its strengths. You control the pressure point via the long handles. The profile remains stable during pumping and you can pull yourself onto the foil with powerful and long pumps. If the wind is stronger, the SPICE lifts you onto the foil easily, without pumping.

In freestyle, the Power Profile gives you the necessary boost for your moves. Even with lots of pressure, the SPICE remains stable and converts the power into speed. Controlled it goes into the maneuver and thanks to the excellent hangtime you can fire your freestyle fireworks.

Easy handling

Wide handles, a balanced profile and a precisely controllable pressure point ensure the easy handling of the SPICE Wing.

The direct feeling gives you full control over speed and maneuvers. The wide handles allow you to turn quickly and precisely and make spectacular turns or gybes. And the neoprene protection at the handles are a charm for your knuckles everytime you touch them.

If you ride waves, the SPICE floats calmly behind you via the tube handle. And if the SPICE falls into your leash, you don't have to fight with a wild wing flapping back and forth on the water.

Huge windrange

Especially in changing conditions, you want a wing that's easy to control and can handle powerful gusts. This is where the SPICE shines.

The wing is deliberately designed for a huge wind range and you can ride your favorite size in different wind strengths. You can go on the water in light winds and you don't have to change the wing as the wind picks up.

Especially inland, on lakes and rivers, the large wind range of the SPICE scores. You can use every gust to get yourself on the foil and also enjoy light wind days with small wing sizes.

And if the wind suddenly picks up, then the action really starts.

Skate Guards

You love wingskating? We do too! That's why you can equip your SPICE Wing with the ultra-rugged Skate Guards!

The extremely abrasion-resistant protectors are simply attached via the velcro strips on the tips and nothing stands in the way of your wingskate session! The tube and the tips are perfectly protected and you no longer need to worry about your wing.

And when you go on the water, you simply take the skate guards off again. The times when you duct tape your tips are over!

You can easily configure the skate guards to your SPICE Wing. One size fits all!

SPICE Wing details skate guards - SPLEENE Kiteboarding
SPICE Wing details skate guards - SPLEENE Kiteboarding

The SPICE at the WINGsurfing Journal (German)

SPICE Wing banner - SPLEENE Kiteboarding

What´s the technology behind the SPLEENE SPICE?

3 years of development time and 15 years of experience in development of kites were put into the SPLEENE SPICE. The waiting has been worth it. The SPICE is a benchmark in its class.

Power Profile

The profile of the SPICE has a medium depth and the canopy tension is tightly designed. This ensures optimal conversion of wind energy into speed and direct handling.

When pumping, the power is kept in the profile and not lost over the trailing edge. This allows powerful and long pumping movements instead of short, fast movements where a lot of power is lost.

Front tube and strut give the SPICE a slight V and provide the necessary canopy tension. This keeps the handling of the SPICE always simple and controllable.

2-Chamber frame

With the SPICE, the front tube and strut are separated from each other. You can apply the pressure specifically and according to your wishes. The strut can be inflated a little firmer and you have an even more direct feeling when pumping and in maneuvers.

The large valves fit any conventional wing / kite pump with bayonet connection. Deflating and packing is quick and easy via the two large valves.

Long handles

Always a tight grip! With the long handles you always have the best control over the SPICE Wing. You can optimally vary the pressure point by sliding a few centimeters forward or backward without having to switch the handle.

This way you can start with lots of power and then "go off the throttle" as soon as you are on the foil. Or simply increase the pressure in the wing over your grip position and accelarate to full speed!

On the strut, special neoprene patches protect your knuckles from rubbing. And the connection of the handles to the strut is extra reinforced and double stitched. So you can enjoy your wing for a long time.

Reinforced windows

The windows of the SPICE are optimally positioned. Maximum safety and oversight, without unnecessary weight or weak points on the wing.

The larger window on the strut gives you an overview before maneuvers or lets you recognize immediate obstacles. The small window on the tips allows you to look ahead. This provides extra safety when winging on lakes or rivers.

The windows are integrated into the canopy layout of the wing and connected to the canopy via Insignia reinforcements. This preserves the profile perfectly.

Premium-Ripstop from Japan

The SPICE is equipped with the best canopy that the market has to offer. The premium 3X Ripstop von Techfiber, Japan is the non-plus-ultra since several years. The material has best values in terms of stretch, tear strength, weight and UV resistance. The ripstop not only makes the wing more durable – the whole feeling becomes more direct and you get a noticeably better feedback of the wing.

High-End-Dacron “made in Germany”

Front tube and strut are equipped with an extremely high-quality Dacron from the German manufacturer Dimension Polyant. This Dacron has a very high strength with a very low weight at the same time. The UV resistance is outstanding – a very important criteria for the longevity of the wing.

In the relevant places, the front tube is extra reinforced and tube segments are connected with a special double seam. The areas with the Wing typical large diameters are built with double Dacron, for maximum durability.

Front tube and strut each have their own pump valves with bayonet lock. So you can fine tune the pressure in both and adjust to your needs.

Smart Bag & Leash

With the SPICE wing bag your wing is always perfectly protected on trips and on the way to the water. Thanks to the pump attachment, front pocket and other storage options, you can comfortably get to the water with all your accessories.

The SPICE Wing Leash is included with every wing and you can secure your wing perfectly and without unnecessary "dangling". The neoprene padding protects your wrist and the webbing bungee is nicely slim and light. In addition, in an emergency sizuation, you can quickly detach from the leash and free yourself from dangerous situations.


Wing Skate Guards
You love wingskating? We do too! That's why you can equip your SPICE Wing with the ultra-rugged skate guards!The extremely abrasion-resistant protectors are simply attached via the velcro strips on the tips and nothing stands in the way of your wingskate session! The tube and the tips are perfectly protected and you no longer need to worry about your wing.And when you go on the water, you simply take off the skate guards again. The times when you tape your tips with duct tape are over! The Skate Guards are uni size and fit all SPLEENE Wings.Scope of delivery:Skate Guards left + right