SPLEENE ZONE directional Waveboard - SPLEENE Kiteboarding


Surfstyle Waveboard

ZONE 5’7: 170 x 47 cm | 24,7 l
ZONE 5’10: 178 x 48,3 cm | 27,8 l

The SPLEENE ZONE waveboard is at ease in waves. Whether your home wave spot or a dream location on this planet. Built in classic PU construction – for the real and lively surf feeling!

  • Pure surf feeling
  • Low weight
  • High comfort and flex
  • Rail to rail surfing
  • Direct feedback & control

Handmade in premium quality by the shapers of FATUM in Portugal. Each waveboard is unique, made in Europe.


Available, delivery time 2-5 days

Wavenboard length
Product number: 20BOWAVZ5101
ZONE directional waveboard kiteboard - SPLEENE Kiteboarding
In the ZONE - Directionals - SPLEENE Kiteboarding
ZONE directional waveboard kiteboard - SPLEENE Kiteboarding

Enter the Zone!

A wall of water rises slowly behind your back … you notice how your board speeds up. You are totally focused on the moment – you are one with the wave!

SPLEENE ZONE directional Waveboard - SPLEENE Kiteboarding

Highlights des SPLEENE ZONE

Real surf feeling and good comfort

We have redesigned RS WAKE from the ground up. The setup is sportive, for radical action. The distinctive rocker guarantees you a lot of comfort and smooth landings. The Performance Shape, with its aggressive outline and massive rails, lets you load the kiteboard to the max and gives you an amazing pop.

The new Power Grip Bottom gives you plenty of grip and a comfortable ride even with small fins or without fins at all. That makes the RS WAKE is also great for the Cable Park, including the Obstacle Ride.

Whether boots or straps – no compromises. All inserts are designed for the high loads of boots and you have many positions available. The wide stance of the centered inserts gives you maximum control over the freestyle kiteboard.

Wave action

The RS WAKE has one goal above all else – to take you up in the air with maximum power and set you down again in the best possible way. The WAKE kiteboard is uncompromisingly geared towards freestyle and wakestyle action and was designed in all details for this use.

The Performance Shape, the 3-Stage-Rocker and the Power Grip Channel create the ultimate tool for your freestyle and wakestyle action. You have a powerful and robust kiteboard with a stiff setup and ultra-direct feedback. Your landings will be as soft as butter and even your freeride session will be a pleasure. With a low weight of 3.2 kg, the WAKE 38 allows you to perform rotations and board offs with ease. The heavy-duty grindbase makes the bottom almost indestructible – no matter where you go over it.

Rail to rail surfing

With a lot of pressure in the kite, you need a kiteboard that you can easily control and load to the maximum. This is the only way you can shoot yourself out of the water with maximum power and start your moves. Thanks to the stiff setup, the energy of the WAKE goes into the jump and catapults you powerfully through your trick.

The distinctive rocker makes the ride through choppy water comfortable. So you can always “hold” the edge even in difficult conditions. The massive rails are dynamically shaped and taper off in the transition to the tips. This allows an optimal combination of stiffness and flex. The performance-aggressive outline gives you a lot of surface area and creates the powerful pop. All this makes up the new Performance Shape of the RS WAKE.

PU construction with stringer

“What goes up, comes down again” – this applies to the highest Big Air jump as well. To bring you down optimally, the RS WAKE offers you a distinctive rocker. This enables a comfortable landing, which is easy on your muscles and knees. The Power Grip Bottom gives you the necessary guidance. You can easily make corrections instead of being guided in one direction like on rails.

Unique design

The WAKE collects many plus points even in freeride. The 3-Stage-Rocker gives the WAKE a good planing performance and the Power Grip Bottom, in combination with the fins, lets you pull height cleanly. The Performance Shape with its massive rails lets you pull radical radii through the water.

Thruster FCS II setup with reinforcements

You enjoy cable parks? The RS WAKE too! When designing the RS WAKE it was always the goal to have a kiteboard that works perfectly on the cable. The Power Grip Bottom and Performance Shape make it possible. You can use the RS WAKE uncompromisingly as a wakeboard. Remove the fins and off you go’. Thanks to the heavy-duty grindbase it’s easy to get over obstacles.

Range of use of the CROSS waveboards

ZONE - Einsatzbereiche - SPLEENE Kiteboarding
ZONE - Einsatzbereiche - SPLEENE Kiteboarding
Waveboards CROSS and ZONE - SPLEENE Kiteboarding

The best accessories for your ZONE

EVA pad

Our EVA pads from WMFG  provide you with the best possible grip. Thanks to the pattern you have the feeling that the Waveboard “sticks” to your feet, even in radical maneuvers. You can position the pads individually. So nothing is left to chance. Or you choose to go with Surfwax – the choice is yours.


The ZONE comes with a thruster setup and is compatible with all FCS II Finnen.  The fins we offer are well adapted to the ZONE and you have the choice between the sizes M and L. The size M is optimal for the ZONE 5’7 – or if you prefer a loose feeling with the Zone 5’10. The fins in size L are optimal for the Zone 5’10.

In addition to the FCS II fins, you can also use FCS I fins with the FCS adapter – so you can get fins in the farthest corner of the world if you need a replacement.


You like riding in straps? So does the ZONE!

Thanks to the M6 threads you can easily mount the SPLEENE Straps. 3 different positions on the front and 2 on the back allow you to find your sweet spot. And thanks to the comfortable straps you can ride one wave after the other – until the sun goes down.