Safe & Lightweight Kiteboarding Bar

The new generation SPLEENE X-BAR puts full focus on functionality. Tidy setup, foolproof click-in and heavy-duty premium lines. For easy kite handling and maximum safety.

  • Proven Click-in Quick Release
  • Clean and ultra light
  • Heavy duty and PU protected depower
  • Comfortable EVA bar
  • Braidtech premium lines
  • Maximum compatibility


Available, delivery time 2-5 days

Bar model
Product number: 22XBAR52

Feel the lightness – the SPLEENE X-BAR

X-BAR 52 - 990 gram| 52 cm | Recommended for all kite sizes as one-Bar-solution.
X-BAR 46 - 950 gram| 46 cm | Recommended for 9m Kites and smaller. Or Freestylers.
The X-BARs come with 24,5m lines (incl. 3m extensions)

Highlights of the new X-BAR

Safety first

Extreme conditions sometimes prevail when kiting. Heat, cold, sand, salt water or UV light quickly take their toll on the material. Functional parts that work impressively at the beginning can block or even break after just a few days of use.

We don’t experiment at the expense of your health and safety. For all features of the X-BAR, one thing applies above all: Safety first!

Proven Click-in Quick Release

The brand new and thousand times tested Click-In Quick Release is considered the most reliable safety system on the market. You can release in any situation by pushing the red cap upwards. The chicken loop opens and the kite falls from the sky without pressure.

Re-assembly is also child’s play and intuitive. The Chickenloop is simply pressed into the Click-In like the seat belt in a car. So you can make your X-BAR ready to go again in any situation on the water and continue kiting.

Clean and super light

After functionality and safety, another important feature of our X-BAR: Minimal weight! The X-BAR is still kept very clean.

Unnecessary weight is simply avoided by eliminating all pointless features. The high-end materials used are super light and reduce the weight of the X-BAR to under 1 KG.

Heavy duty and PU-protected depower

The depower line must withstand 4 times the forces compared to a flying line. The X-Bar does not compromise here either. A high end leash with very high durability from Samson Rope is used!
To make the Depower leash even more durable, we protect it with a PU-Tube. The PU-Tube is very flexible and glides perfectly through the bar eye. This means easy depowering even with hard steering angle.

External guided safety

The safety leash is deliberately kept separate from the depower leash. It runs outside the PU tube and is always in your field of view with its red signal color. In case of rotations or kiteloops, you can simply turn the system out. So you effectively prevent a possible blocking of the safety.

The built-in ceramic bearing allows you to turn the quick-release head effortlessly. The safety line itself is stronger than many other bars on the market. You have the wear at any time in view and can change it quickly & easily if necessary.

Comfortable EVA bar stick

Due to its EVA coating, the Barholm lies very comfortably in your hand. Even with gloves or wet hands you always have a perfect grip. The bar ends are also coated with soft EVA and offer you special protection against possible impacts.

The XL floaters ensure that your X-Bar always stays on the water surface, even during longer swims. You can also grab the X-Bar very well at the floaters to relaunch your kite. Thanks to the recess at the ends, you can easily wind up your lines after the session and secure them with the integrated elastics.

Braidtech premium lines

For the kite lines we rely on Braidtech – the premium line manufacturer from the kitesurfing nation Holland. The BT 450 are only 1.6mm thick and thus have minimal drag. They have a very low elongation, which makes them stand out from conventional lines on the market.

With their 450kg breaking load, the BT 450 lines are also far above the 300kg standard in the market. The connections to pigtails and extensions are spliced with lock splices – for maximum clean construction and best breaking load.

The pigtails at the ends of the lines are sorted by color and the knot-loop setup means you can’t accidentally tie our kites wrong.


The Depower adjuster uses the premium cleat of the English brand Clamcleat®. The Samson Depower line has minimal abrasion and performs significantly better than other lines on the market. In combination, you can precisely adjust the power even with a lot of pressure in the kite and do not have to worry about the line slipping.


After release, the kite is still connected to the kiter via a holding line (single frontline safety). A potentially dangerous situation can be resolved calmly. With this safety system you bring the kite to the ground without pressure.


The X-BAR has a 4-line setup with control and bridle lines of equal length. With the V-split over the adjuster, the bar is perfectly matched to all SPLEENE kites.

Additionally, the X-BAR is compatible with many other kites on the market. The pigtails at the ends of the lines can be easily reversed to turn the knot ends into loop ends, and vice versa.