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Foil & Wave Kite

7m – 9m - 11m
Kite including Backpack and extra Fixed Bridle

After your first foil or wave session you will ask yourself: what have I been waiting for to fly the SQUID? With its innovative Drift-Hybrid-Shape and next-gen tube material, the SQUID is super light and extremely agile - perfect for foiling and wave riding. You'll love the incredible drift and effective depower, even in classic freeride.

The SQUID is the first kite of the SPLEENE Pro Line. As with the Carbon Pro Line kiteboards, you get exclusive materials combined with the highest quality production processes. Minimum weight for high performance kite equipment.

  • Super light & incredible drift
  • Direct feel & maximum agility
  • Tight turning & easy kiteloops
  • Effective depower & easy relaunch
  • Bridle Modes & Fixed Bridle Option
  • Easy freeriding & jumping


Available, delivery time 2-5 days

Kite size
Product number: 23KISQ7
SQUID Kite Wave - SPLEENE Kiteboarding
SQUID Kite Details - SPLEENE Kiteboarding
SQUID Kite Details - SPLEENE Kiteboarding
SQUID Kite Foil - SPLEENE Kiteboarding

Next Level Foiling and Waveriding unleashed!

With the SPLEENE SQUID you can fully concentrate on your foil and wave moves. Effortful kite control is a thing of the past.

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Range of use of the SQUID Kite

SQUID Kite Style and Characteristics- SPLEENE Kiteboarding
SQUID Kite Windrange - SPLEENE Kiteboarding

Highlights of the SPLEENE SQUID

What´s new?

Everything! The SQUID is our first purebred foil and wave kite. The SQUID has the genes of our PUNK C-Shape kite.

It has to follow your foil and wave moves immediately, be very agile and direct. But you also expect a lot of depower and dosed pull in fast turns and kiteloops. Characteristics that are more likely to be found in a Delta-Shape kite, like our HAZE kite. In addition, a foil or wave kite must be a real drift monster, i.e. have a lot of canopy surface in the center. We combine all these characteristics in the SQUID kite with its Drift-Hybrid-Shape - the perfect mixture for Foil and Wave kitesurfing.

The low end of the kite is important when foiling or in the wave. On the foil you hardly need any wind and when wave riding the kite should never drop. The weight is therefore crucial. The easiest weight adjustment are the struts, but with one- or no-strut kites this is at the expense of stability. SPLEENE consequently focuses on kites without a center strut and introduces the Gemini-2-Strut design with the SQUID. This makes the SQUID the perfect mix of 1- and 3-strut kites - sufficiently stable at lowest weight.

With the SQUID we also start our Pro Line kites. Similar to the Carbon Pro Line Kiteboards we use Next-Gen high performance materials - the new "formula 1 technology" of the kite industry: super light, but stable and durable!

For the front tube and strut material we use a new development from Challenge USA. The weight is significantly lower than that of conventional Dacron materials. The new composite coating ensures a longer durability with better tear strength at the same time. In the tubes we now use lighter bladders from German production.

The 3x ripstop canopy comes from the Japanese premium manufacturer Techfiber. The tensile and tear strength values are among the best on the market, while it is lighter than a 4x ripstop canopy and has less white breaking.

In addition, many details of the SQUID have been tuned to its range of use. The Trailing Edge comes without canopy doubling, so that no water collects here. In addition, every reinforcement on the kite was scrutinized. Only relevant reinforcements remained.

With all the measures that characterize our Pro Line kites, you now have access to super light yet very stable kites. We deliberately refrain from fancy marketing names for the materials used and instead let facts & figures speak for themselves: The SQUID 9m weighs in at just 2,500g, putting it at the top of the weight rankings in its class.

The SQUID comes with SPLEENE's well-known Adaptive Bridle System. In addition, the kite comes with a Fixed Bridle System. For all those who want to trim their SQUID even more aggressively.

Super light & incredible drift

Next-Gen materials and the highest quality workmanship in the Gemini-2-Strut design make the SQUID super light. Compared to conventional kites, the kite has 20% less weight without sacrificing stability or durability. The SQUID 9m weighs just 2,500g, putting it at the top of the lightest kites on the market.

Weight is also key to drift performance. The lighter a kite, the longer it stays in the sky. The SQUID has also been consistently trimmed for drift. With its reduced aspect ratio, i.e. deeper kite profile, as well as some C-shape features like wide tips, the kite stays very stable in any position in the sky. It drifts effortlessly with you. Even in low wind and aggressively ridden turns. A front stall is almost impossible thanks to its decent angle of attack with perfectly adjusted bridle setting. Kite crashes in the wave impact zone or laborious relaunches with the foil are a thing of the past.

Direct feel & maximum agility

With its Extra Short Bridles, the SQUID immediately converts every steering impulse. Thanks to C-Shape genes, it is extremely agile and can be moved into any new position at lightning speed. Just what you need when pulling a radical cut back into the wave or celebrating a super fast turn with your foil.

The Gemini 2-strut design of the SQUID acts like a turbo. Why? Kites without a middle strut twist far better than kites with a middle strut - the best prerequisite for direct turning.

The SQUID can be flown extremely precise and perfectly controllable. Pull the bar, turn in and you're ready to go. Thanks to the progressive bar feeling, you can precisely dose the power and you know at any time where the kite stands.

Tight turning & easy kiteloops

Kiteloops are part of the everyday life of a foil or wave kiter - no matter if at the start, a jibe with the foil or a bottom turn in the wave. The SQUID can be turned almost on the spot if necessary. Kiteloops are effortlessly possible in the radii you desire.

The Drift-Hybrid-Shape of the SQUID, with the perfect blend of C-shape and delta shape make this possible. The SQUID turns fast like a C-Shape kite. With its decent pointed tips and more canopy area in the kite center, on the other hand, much tighter and more controllable - just like a delta-shape kite.

So you will never be pulled off your wave or foil board and can dose exactly the power you need for your particular riding situation.

Effective depower & easy relaunch

... both basic characteristics of good foil and wave kites. With your foil you want to get power out immediately after take-off. The same when you surf the steepening wave with your waveboard. The depower of the SQUID works extremely efficient. As soon as you push the bar away, the pressure is reduced immediately.

This is where the perfectly tuned Drift-Hybrid-Shape of the SQUID comes into its best play. In combination with the bridle setting, the kite can be tilted to the maximum when the bar is pushed away in order to release the wind pressure over a large area.

If the kite does fall into the water in the wave impact zone, then a quick and smooth relaunch is required. With a pull on the bar, the SQUID immediately moves to the edge of the wind window, rolling effortlessly onto its tip to launch directly.

Of course, the super light SQUID also allows an extremely easy reverse launch via both control lines. Relaunching has never been so easy, especially when it counts.

Bridle Modes & Fixed Bridle Option

Like the HAZE kite, the SQUID kite offers you 3 bridle points to adjust the kite exactly to your preferences.

In Agility Mode, the kite becomes more direct and faster. Just what you need for your next radical foil or wave session.

In Stability Mode you reduce the agility of the SQUID. The kite reacts friendly and stays stable in the sky during your moves. This is the setting if you just want to freeride with pleasure. Or practice a few freestyle tricks without the kite moving quickly. The bar forces are also slightly reduced in this setting.

As usual, you can also adjust the bar forces and turning speed to your preferences using 3 attachment points on the tips.

Special goodie for tuners: In the standard we have mounted our Adaptive Bridle System. With two pulleys and a slider, the kite profile permanently adapts to the wind. Gusts are gently absorbed. Steering maneuvers are direct and very harmonious. If you want it even more direct - then we recommend the included Fixed Bridle System. Here, only the slider is installed. This makes the SQUID much more aggressive. You are now fully in competition mode.

Easy freeriding & jumping

The SQUID is - also thanks to its Bridle Modes - excellent for freeriding. It has a very easy handling, a perfectly controllable power as well as a large wind range. Especially in light wind, the SQUID shines thanks to its low weight. While other kites don't even launch, you comfortably walk to the water's edge with kite in the air and get going.

Unlike other foil or wave kites, you can also jump excellently with the SQUID. The take-off is easy to find and the hangtime is impressive. Ideal conditions to perform new tricks in the air on the foil or wave board.

The SQUID is a real all-round wonder.

The SPLEENE SQUID at Gleiten.TV and Kitelife Magazin (German)

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What´s the technology behind the SPLEENE SQUID?

The SQUID is a milestone in our kite development. A perfectly tuned shape as well as the Pro Line construction allow an enormous performance gain when foiling and wave rinding.

Pro Line Kites

The SQUID is our first kite of the Pro Line. Pro Line kites are equipped with Next-Gen materials and manufactured in a very sophisticated production process.

The core of the Pro Line is the use of super light Code 155P Dacron from the premium sailcloth manufacturer Challange from the USA. We deliberately refrain from using fancy marketing terms for the new material and stick to facts and figures: The SQUID 9m weighs just 2,500g, putting it at the top of the weight rankings.

Numerous other features characterize our Pro Line kites: The new bladder material comes from German production and additionally reduces the total weight of the kite.

Reinforcements are only used in stressed areas and are made with lightweight materials. 15 years of kite development pay off in full. The 3x ripstop canopy comes from the Japanese premium manufacturer Techfiber. Tensile strength and tear resistance values are among the best on the market, while it is lighter than a 4x ripstop canopy and has less white breaking. The high quality coating allows water to repel immediately. The absence of canopy doublings prevents water from pooling in the kite and slowing it down.

Every detail on the kite is made with the best materials. The manufacturing technology sets new standards in kite production.


The Drift Hybrid Shape is the perfect mix of C-Shape and Delta-Shape. On the one hand, a foil and wave kite has to be fast and agile to follow your maneuvers and tricks without complex steering. This speaks for a C-Shape kite with its strong curvature ("lots" of ARC). However, you don't want to be directly vertical during a kiteloop. And you need a fine tuned depower behavior. Now that again requires more of a delta shape kite ("less" ARC).

We extracted the necessary design features and combined them in a perfect marriage in the Drift-Hybrid-Shape. The SQUID is moderately curved and has wide tips - like a C-shape kite. However, it has less aspect ratio, so it has a deeper profile. It turns extremely fast, but also drifts incredibly well. Its leading edge is discreetly swept, like of a delta-shape kite. Due to the large canopy in the kite center, you can loop the SQUID "on spot" if necessary. The bridle setting is adjusted for perfect control of depower. The angle of attack makes a front stall almost impossible. The kite drifts excellently even with a slightly turned bar.

Gemini-2-Strut Design

SPLEENE consistently dispenses with the middle strut in its kites. Why? Because it is not necessary! Even if the marketing of other manufacturers tries to convince you otherwise.

On the contrary: without the center strut, the kite can torsion perfectly around the longitudinal axis and immediately implements steering commands. In addition, the kite is freely impelled in the center, so that an enormous forward and upward thrust is generated. As a result, you get an ultra-fast kite with an extremely large wind range and an outstanding hangtime.

Since weight is crucial in foil and wave kites, we developed the Gemini 2-Strut design. The SQUID is the perfect mix of 1- and 3-strut kites - sufficiently stable at lowest weight. With its low aspect ratio, the kite is fully stabilized over 2 struts. With the battens on the tips as well as the reinforced ZigZag Canopy on the trailing edge you won't hear any rattle during your kiteloops.

Adaptive Bridle System & Fixed Bridle Option

The 4-point Adaptive Bridle of the SQUID is equipped with two pulleys and a slider. The kite permanently adapts its profile to the wind and gently absorbs gusts. Even during radical maneuvers, the Adaptive Bridle System allows the kite to respond ultra-fast and in harmony.

In addition, we have included a Fixed Bridle System with the SQUID. One slider is installed,making the kite even more direct and aggressive. Every bar movement is immediately converted. With the Fixed Bridle System you are fully in competition mode.

V-Cut Panels

The panels in the canopy are aligned in a V-shape. Pull forces in the canopy are optimally distributed and the kite remains stable and calm even in heavy gusts.

At the same time, the pressure point on the bar remains the same over a wide wind range and requires little tuning on the adjuster.

Kite size: 9m

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