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Door 59 + Monster Door

High Tech Line

Lightwind + Ultra lightwind freeride
Door 159 x 45cm
Monster Door 166 x 50cm

Kiteboard Door 59 top by Spleene Kiteboarding
Kiteboard Monster Door top by Spleene Kiteboarding
Kiteboard Door bottom by Spleene Kiteboarding

The Spleene Doors are known for lightwind kiteboarding as no other boards. Maximum wind yield paired with best comfort and fun.

– remarkable lightwind performance
– extreme early planing
– constant planing through lulls
– outstanding upwind riding
– best comfort
– easy handling

Since our introduction of the Door shape in 2002, we increased the number of kiteboarding days for countless riders. But the development never stopped. With the latest Spleene Doors, we offer two boards, which not only show maximum planing performance in low wind, but also do not need to hide behind any smaller freerider.

Its focus field lightwind masters the Door with its concave outline. The surface is perfectly distributed and allows easiest handling with every kiteboarding experience level.
Going upwind with a Door is a piece of cake. The concave increases the waterway and the Doors move by themselves towards the wind.

In freeride, the Door carves wonderfully through the water. The Advanced Jet Bottom supports with very good guidance and allows to switch the board, for its size, fantastically easy. Chop water is nicely absorbed by the bottom shape and in combination with its flex, the Doors show great comfort.

Also flying high is not prevented by the Door shape. Kite powered, the Door will easily launch off the water. And with some pressure, the big shape will edge deep into the water and release an impressive pop.

The Spleene Doors of the latest generation are our best boards for lightwind kiteboarding. The Door 59 is recommended to every rider up to 85kg or everyone who wants to ride the door also in stronger winds. The Monster Door is for heavier or large riders or everyone who wants to get the maximum ultra lightwind performance.

For Beginners, the Doors are a very strong recommendation. They allow the quickest success and learning progress of all boards. And with increased experience, they still serve as perfect lightwind boards.

“Lightwind performance on the highest level, mixed with best comfort and an absolute easy handling.”

2015 Door 59 (previous model) – German Kitelife Yearbook 2016 (translated by Spleene)

Overview on main characteristics


Extreme lightwind performance

The Door 59 and the Monster Door are pure lightwind and ultra-lightwind boards, showing in this discipline their full power. The concave outline, the large surface as well as the low scoop line get the board plane as early as possible, while others wait for wind on the beach. Also wind lulls won’t put a Door into trouble, they simply keep planing.


Large wind range

Lightwind and ultra lightwind are the major purpose of the Doors, where they undisputedly shine. But thanks to their easy handling and good control, they can be kept ridden without a problem, when wind gets stronger.


Unbeaten upwind performance

The concave outline and the low scoop line allow fantastic upwind performance. The board will point windward by itself and with minimal effort the Door will eat its way towards the wind. The upwind performance is the strongest in our High Tech Line lineup.


Best comfort

As with all High Tech Line boards, comfort is one of its major characteristics. Thanks to the flex and Advanced Jet Bottom, bumps of chop water will be absorbed and it planes smoothly through very rough water. Additionally course and speed can be kept constantly up.


No Spray

With our long experience in Door shapes, we could totally eliminate spray water. In this point, we are a big step ahead of most lightwind boards on the market and Spleene riders stay dry, also in chop water. The rails of the Door in combination with the concave outline is the secret.


Easiest handling for beginners

The very easy handling and the outstanding control of the Doors offer Beginners and Intermediates the best basis for quick progress. From the first meters planing to a perfectly carved jibe, the Spleene Door is the best board you can get for this job.

What’s new?

Less weight at tips

The tips of the latest Door generation are further improved and now shaped thinner. The reduction of weight at this section significantly lowers the inertia while turning and jumping. The board is more alive and loose.

New graphic

As all boards from the High Tech Line, the Door 59 and the Monster Door come with a new design. The colour contrast makes it easy to find your board in waves or complex lighting conditions.

Action area of a Door

  • Freeride 100%
  • Lightwind 100%
  • Race 95%
  • Freestyle 75%

What our customers say

As total beginner I could directly get on the board and gain height. The Monster Door gave me much safety. With it I know I get back home. (translated from German)


★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Klaus T.
from Solingen

For lightwind, you can not get around a door, if you don’t want to use a foil. After my old flower-door, I got myself the latest model. The change did pay well. The board is much more agile and easier to control. (translated from German)


★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Horst W.
from Celle

I used this kiteboard on my kitesurf lessons and did buy it right after. Now it is still in use a lightwind board. Up till today, I could always rely on it and I do handle my stuff sometimes very rough. (translated from German)


★ ★ ★ ★ ☆


David B.
from Hannover


Advanced Jet Bottom

This Shape-Detail describes a double concave channel on the base side of the board. It allows the board to plane more freely and earlier. The profile of the double concave is not a simple radius. The Spleene developed Advanced Jet Bottom has a parabolic shape. Compared to a normal double concave the Advanced Jet Bottom provides significantly more “edge bite” as it channels the waterflow along its edges. Especially in choppy conditions the difference is very noticeable. When landing the water surface will be broken up by the bottom of the board and allows a smooth landing.

Kiteboard Door Advanced Jet Bottom by Spleene Kiteboarding
Kiteboard Door Advanced Jet Bottom Shape by Spleene Kiteboarding
Kiteboard door Advanced Jet Bottom Evolution by Spleene Kiteboarding

Beveled Rail

A slightly lift edgewise at the base side which generates a lot more comfort. Riders benefit from this shape especially in choppy conditions.

Kitebord Door Bevel by Spleene Kiteboarding
Kiteboard door Bevel Shape by Spleene Kiteboarding

Concave Outline

The concave outline is responsible for the extreme upwind performance of the Doors. The waterway is longer and it creates less drift. Additionally the flex of the board forms a geometry, which keeps the Doors constantly upwind.

Kitebord door Outline by Spleene Kiteboarding
Kiteboard door Outline concave by Spleene Kiteboarding

Stepless 3D Deck

Stepless 3D-Shape on top side. All transitions are without any step. This results simultaneously in a clear reduction of weight.

Kiteboard door Steppless 3D Deck by Spleene Kiteboarding
Kiteboard door Steppless 3D Deck Shape by Spleene Kiteboarding


All Spleene High Tech Line boards are produced with a form-glued, CNC-milled woodcore.

Kiteboard door with Wood-Core by Spleene Kiteboarding


Kiteboard Design Door 59 top by Spleene Kiteboarding
Design Door 59 bottom
Kiteboard Design Monster Door top by Spleene Kiteboarding
Kiteboard Design Monster Door bottom by Spleene Kiteboarding


Spleene Kiteboarding 5.0 fin
Spleene Kiteboarding footpad

Test result of the 2015 Door 59 (previous model) – German Kitelife Yearbook 2016 (German only)

Test Door 59 Spleene Kiteboarding in German Kitelife Magazine

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