Ultra light, clean, integrated safety – the NEW X-BAR

SPLEENE Kiteboarding - X-Bar

Allround Kiteboarding Bar

X-BAR 46: 900 gram | 46 cm
X-BAR 52: 950 gram | 52 cm
24,5m lines (incl. 3m extensions)

The new SPLEENE X-BAR has a clean setup, is extremely light and offers an PU integrated safety. High quality Liros DC Pro lines with spliced ends give you long durability. The thin PU tube eliminates wear and you can easily move the bar even with full steering angle.


  • Ultra light
  • Integrated safety
  • Ergonomic EVA grip
  • Soft bar ends
  • Longlasting PU-tube
  • Clam Cleat adjuster
  • Single-frontline-safety
  • DC-Pro Liros premium lines

Highlights of the new X-BAR

Integrated safety

The safety line is integrated in the PU tube. It runs in a separate tube for optimum smooth travel and maximum safety. The sophisticated guide also prevents the safety from blocking after several loops – an important safety feature.

The PU-Tube System has a diameter of only 10mm. It allows easy depowering with a hard steering angle. In combination with the Integrated Safety an indispensable setup with long durability.

EVA bar

Due to its EVA coating, the bar lies comfortably in your hands. Even with gloves or wet hands you have perfect grip. The bar ends are also covered with soft EVA. Thanks to the recess at the ends, you can quickly wind up your lines after the session and secure them with the integrated bungee.

The floaters are great to handle to launch the kite out of the water or to give the kite a radical steering impulse.

Liros DC Pro lines

Our kite lines are premium DC-Pro 401 lines from the German quality manufacturer Liros. The 1.6mm strong steering and holding lines offer low wind resistance with very little stretch. The DC-Pro’s load capacity of 490 daN (= minimum breaking load) is well above the 300 daN used in most bars.

The connections to pigtails and extensions are done with spliced loops – for best durability and breaking load. This also allows very simple assembly and disassembly of the extensions at the same time.

The pigtails at the line ends are adjustable. So you can individually readjust and always trim your kites optimally.


SPLEENE Kiteboarding - X-Bar II Pigtails

Clam Cleat

The depower-adjuster uses the Cleat from the traditional English manufacturer Clamcleat. Even with a lot of pressure in the kite, you can adjust the power so precisely and you don’t have to worry about depower slipping.

Quick-release with swivel

The intuitive quick release is easy to reach and can be triggered quickly in an emergency. The handling is very simple: You push the white cap upwards. Then the chicken loop opens. And: The kite falls into the safety – that means: it loses its power.

After releasing the kite, a stopper prevents the bar from sliding to the kite. The reassembly can thus be carried out quickly and easily.

The integrated swivel in the quick release helps you to untwist the lines after a loop. Unhooked freestylers can ride the bar in semi-suicide mode.


The kite is still connected to the kiter via a holding line (Single-Frontline-Safety) after release. With this safety system you bring the kite to the ground without pressure. A potentially dangerous situation can thus be defused.


The X-BAR has a 4-line setup with control and holding lines of the same length. With the V-Split above the adjuster, the bar is perfectly matched to all SPLEENE kites. In addition, the X-BAR is compatible with many other kites on the market.

Accessories of the  new X-BAR


The X-BAR comes with a short leash – perfect for all freeriders and airstylers. The Short-Leash does not interfere while riding and is directly connected to your harness on a short way. In an emergency, you can easily reach the trigger and – if necessary – very quickly and intuitively disconnect completely from your kite.

SPLEENE Kiteboarding - X-Bar II Short Leash

3m extensions

The X-BAR has a line length of 21,5m + additional 3m extensions. The extensions are factory mounted and give you a total line length of 24.5m. Depending on preference, style and kite you can always ride the optimal setup. Thanks to the simple loop/loop connection you can also add further extensions.

X-BAR bag

You like it tidy and want to protect your new X-BAR ? The SPLEENE X-BAR bag ensures that everything is in order and that you don’t get caught anywhere with the lines.
The SPLEENE Bar Bag is optionally available.

SPLEENE Kiteboarding - X-Bar II Bar Bag

Details of the new SPLEENE X-BAR

SPLEENE Kiteboarding - X-Bar - Floater
SPLEENE Kiteboarding - X-Bar - Adjuster
SPLEENE Kiteboarding - X-Bar - PU-Tube
SPLEENE Kiteboarding - X-Bar - Quickrelease

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