• 551,85 € Regular 849,00 € -35% In stock Tax included

    The freeride kite 7m The QX-II kite offers outstanding freeride characteristics. Its agile turning abilities, light construction, great depower as well as easy relaunch make this kite the perfect buddy for all kite-days. For a great deal, thanks to SPLEENE Direct

    551,85 € Regular 849,00 € -35% Tax included
    Reduced price!
    In stock
  • 999,00 € In stock Tax included

    HAZE - Freeride | Big Air Kite HAZE 9mIncluding Kite Bag Get ready to go big! The SPLEENE HAZE flexes his muscles. Full freeride power, monster lift and the mega hangtime.

    999,00 € Tax included
    In stock
  • 674,25 € Regular 899,00 € -25% In stock Tax included

    Freestyle Crossover 9m Direct, fast and explosive. The SPX-IV Kite is for all, who go all-in in kiteboarding – no matter if freestyle, freeride or wave riding. For a great deal, thanks to SPLEENE Direct

    674,25 € Regular 899,00 € -25% Tax included
    Reduced price!
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  • 422,10 € Regular 469,00 € -10% In stock Tax included

    Allround freeride kiteboard 139 x 42,5 cm2,9 kg Freeride, Big Air and Freestyle? The SPLEENE RIP is the ultimate allround kiteboard and fullfills all your desires. For your most beautiful days on the water! Kiteboard with grab and fins +++ Add the SPLEENE Pads with Straps +++

    422,10 € Regular 469,00 € -10% Tax included
    Reduced price!
    In stock
  • 467,10 € Regular 519,00 € -10% In stock Tax included

    Radical Style WAKEFreestyle/Wakestyle-Kiteboard 138 x 42 cm3,2 kg Unleash your power! Maximum power – in your kite, in your kiteboard and in you! The SPLEENE RS WAKE is your instrument! Kiteboard with grab and wakestyle fins +++ Add the SPLEENE Pads with Straps ++

    467,10 € Regular 519,00 € -10% Tax included
    Reduced price!
    In stock
  • 1 029,00 € In stock Tax included

    High performance lightwind freeride board 154 x 47 cm2150g Handcrafted – made in Germany** The Carbon Pro SESSION 54 is the best board for every rider, who seeks for maximum freeride and freestyle performance in lower to medium wind conditions. Kiteboard with grab and fins +++ Add the SPLEENE Pads with Straps +++

    1 029,00 € Tax included
    In stock
  • 485,10 € Regular 539,00 € -10% In stock Tax included

    Lightwind-kiteboard 159 x 45 cm (recommended for riders up to 85kg)3,6 kg Everyone is waiting for wind … Only you are on the water, enjoying total freedom. The SPLEENE DOOR is the ultimate lightwind weapon. Just try it! Kiteboard with grab and fins +++ Add the SPLEENE Pads with Straps +++

    485,10 € Regular 539,00 € -10% Tax included
    Reduced price!
    In stock
  • 59,00 € In stock Tax included

    SPLEENE Boardbag M153 x 55cm Recommended for all kiteboard sizes up to SESSION 45 5mm waterproof interior padding Hard-wearing outer material 2-way zipper High recognition value due to large logo on both sides

    59,00 € Tax included
    In stock
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