• 394,12 € In stock Tax excluded

    Allround freeride kiteboard 139 x 42,5 cm2,9 kg Freeride, Big Air and Freestyle? The SPLEENE RIP is the ultimate allround kiteboard and fullfills all your desires. For your most beautiful days on the water! Kiteboard with grab and fins +++ Add the SPLEENE Pads with Straps +++

    394,12 € Tax excluded
    In stock
  • 805,88 € In stock Tax excluded

    The freeride kite 12m The QX-II kite offers outstanding freeride characteristics. Its agile turning abilities, light construction, great depower as well as easy relaunch make this kite the perfect buddy for all kite-days. For a great deal, thanks to SPLEENE Direct

    805,88 € Tax excluded
    In stock
  • 365,55 € In stock Tax excluded

    Ultra light, clean, integrated safety – the NEW X-BAR 52 cm bar width950 gram weight24,5m line length (3m extensions mounted)Integrated safety Comes with extensions and SPLEENE safety leash Delivery time 2-5 working days²(If status "Out of stock", see Shipping costs & delivery time)

    365,55 € Tax excluded
    In stock
  • 251,26 € Regular 377,31 € In stock Tax excluded

    The freestyle / freeride kiteboard 138 x 42,5 cm Within the RS 38 kiteboard two worlds unite: Freestyle and Freeride. The perfect Kiteboard for everyone, who looks for much Freestyle power, without giving up the joy of Freeride Kitesurfing. Kiteboard with grab and fins +++ Add the SPLEENE Pads with Straps +++

    251,26 € Regular 377,31 € Tax excluded
    In stock
  • 755,46 € In stock Tax excluded

    Freestyle Crossover 9m Direct, fast and explosive. The SPX-IV Kite is for all, who go all-in in kiteboarding – no matter if freestyle, freeride or wave riding. For a great deal, thanks to SPLEENE Direct

    755,46 € Tax excluded
    In stock
  • 452,94 € In stock Tax excluded

    Lightwind-kiteboard 159 x 45 cm (recommended for riders up to 85kg)3,6 kg Everyone is waiting for wind … Only you are on the water, enjoying total freedom. The SPLEENE DOOR is the ultimate lightwind weapon. Just try it! Kiteboard with grab and fins +++ Add the SPLEENE Pads with Straps +++

    452,94 € Tax excluded
    In stock
  • 839,50 € In stock Tax excluded

    FABFOIL + BOARD 45 Set FABFOIL Set with 90cm Mast & Freeride WingFABFOIL BOARD 45 in 145 x 45 cm The SPLEENE FABFOIL allround Foil for freeriders, beginners and lightwind freaks. Together with the SPLEENE Foilboard in 145cm - advanced 3D shape for maximum foil experience.

    839,50 € Tax excluded
    In stock
  • 797,48 € In stock Tax excluded

    High Performance Leichtwind Freeride Door 159 x 45 cm2180g Handcrafted – made in Germany** The Carbon Pro Door 59 offers the classic door-shape, with its outstanding lightwind and upwind performance, and combines it with a high-end carbon construction. The result is a totally new level of agility, control and feeling. Kiteboard with grab and fins +++ Add...

    797,48 € Tax excluded
    In stock
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