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Sustainable Freeride Kiteboard

139 x 42 cm – 2,60 kg
Kiteboard including grab and 5cm fins

The SPLEENE Eco Line RIP 39 redefines sustainability and sets new standards in kiteboard performance. Whether you are looking for the most environmentally friendly twintip in the world or want to enjoy outstanding kite sessions - the Eco RIP 39 can do both!

  • Outstanding control
  • Powerful take-off
  • Maximum planing performance
  • Flax Performance Layer
  • Bamboo Beveled Rails
  • Advanced Jet Bottom
  • Made in Europe


Available, delivery time 2-5 days

Product number: 23SETEL391
Eco Line RIP 39 Detail Kiteboard - SPLEENE Kiteboarding
Eco Line RIP 39 Action Jump - SPLEENE Kiteboarding
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Eco Line RIP 39 Action Freeride - SPLEENE Kiteboarding

Stop Greenwashing and start real Sustainability!

And without any loss of comfort, performance or weight. The Eco RIP is a turning point for the entire board industry.

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Range of use of the Eco RIP

Eco Line RIP 39 Style & Characteristics - SPLEENE Kiteboarding

Highlights of the RIP in detail

What´s new?

The Eco RIP kiteboard represents a radical new direction. Developed over more than 2 years in close collaboration with the Technical University of Applied Sciences Augsburg we have rethought every element of this kiteboard from the ground up in a sustainable way.

Our vision was to create a kiteboard that sets a new benchmark for sustainability without compromising on comfort, performance, weight or durability. It uses a specially developed Flax Performance Layer, a CNC milled wood core, bamboo rails and a high-tech bio-epoxy resin for the composite system. The Eco RIP is the first almost completely sustainable kiteboard in the world!

And on the water? We have achieved our goal: you don't have to compromise to protect our environment. On the contrary, the Eco RIP offers fantastic performance paired with outstanding damping. Every component has been carefully harmonised to ensure optimum interaction. Overweight? No way! The Eco RIP is very light and easily plays in the weight league of pseudo carbon kiteboards.

Welcome to the new era of eco kiteboarding!

Sustainable Freeride Kiteboard

Over the last 20 years, we have defined the benchmark in kiteboarding and raised the bar ever higher. The SPLEENE RIP is now synonymous with freeride kiteboards, similar to our DOOR for light wind kiteboards. With the Eco Line, we are revolutionising the market once again.

The Eco RIP has everything that makes a perfect freeride kiteboard. You start planing extremely early, always have perfect control even in strong winds and shoot effortlessly into orbit. You get a real allround kiteboard: Freeride, Big Air or Freestyle. When you have the Eco RIP under your feet, you will forget that this is the most sustainable kiteboard in the world. And that's the real revolution! Because the SPLEENE Eco kiteboard rides so incredibly well.

Outstanding control

The outstanding control of the Eco RIP is based on a perfect combination of natural materials: at the heart of the kiteboard is a 3D CNC-milled paulownia wood core. It harmonises perfectly with the Flax Performance Layer and the new high-tech bio-epoxy resin.

These components are seamlessly embedded in the innovative Spider Frame 3D Deck. The result is a unique kiteboard symbiosis. You glide effortlessly over the water and always have maximum control. Choppy water or strong winds? No problem! With your Eco RIP, you can effortlessly enjoy your ride.

Powerful take-off

You want to fly? Of course you want to shoot out into the airspace of your home spot. Because that's what kiteboarding is all about!

With the Eco RIP, we put the perfect tool for this under your feet. We have put great emphasis on the jumping characteristics of the Eco Line version. The Flax Performance Layer ensures an explosive pop. The aggressive outline of the Eco RIP gives you additional edge pressure. You can load the kiteboard to the maximum and send the biggest jumps. With the Advanced Jet Bottom, the kiteboard releases effortlessly from the water and gently sets you down again. A unique flying experience! And to repeat: you have the most sustainable kiteboard in the world under your feet!

Maximum planing performance

A high-quality freeride kiteboard is characterised above all by its fast planing, even in light winds. We have adopted this basic principle from our High Tech Freeride Kiteboards and seamlessly integrated it into the design of the Eco Line. But an exceptional freeride kiteboard should be able to do even more. It should be able to run height effortlessly. The Eco RIP masters both aspects to perfection.

The shape of the Eco RIP has been specially adapted to the new sustainable materials. In almost endless sessions with countless prototypes, we have perfectly harmonised the rocker, flex, outline and bottom shape. The Eco RIP planes like a dream and is child's play to ride upwind. These characteristics make it extremely attractive not only for beginners but also for pros. The wind range and acceleration of the Eco RIP are impressive.


Comfort is an important feature of every freeride kiteboard. The Eco Line also offers you a relaxed kiteboarding experience. We even tend to say that the Eco Line is slightly more comfortable than our High Tech Line. This is mainly due to the excellent damping properties of the Flax Performance Layer compared to classic fibreglass.

With the Eco RIP, we give you a kiteboard that you can effortlessly pull through choppy water. The Spider Frame 3D Deck and the Advanced Jet Bottom absorb the smallest impacts and allow you to cruise in a relaxed manner.

Eco Project introduction at Gleiten.TV (In German with English subtitles)

Eco Line RIP 39 Details Banner - SPLEENE Kiteboarding

What´s the technology behind the SPLEENE Eco Line RIP?

After more than 2 years of intensive research and development, we proudly present our revolutionary Eco Line with our full kiteboard expertise. We open the door to a more sustainable future for the board industry.

Latest Eco Technology

The Eco Line is not only characterized by excellent riding characteristics. When developing this kiteboard, we carefully analyzed every aspect of a kiteboard in our Eco project. The aim was to combine maximum sustainability with the best riding performance and durability.

We didn't take the easy way out by replacing 1-2 components with the next best sustainable alternative or relying on climate certificates to give our customers a green conscience. On the contrary, every single component of the Eco Line has been specifically tested for its use and performance in a kiteboard and selected with sustainability in mind.

The result is: the most sustainable kiteboard in the world!

But we are not resting on our laurels. Our development continues. In the coming years, we will make all our products even more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

At SPLEENE, we are determined to set new standards for environmentally conscious kiteboarding products.

Flax Performance Layer

With the Eco Line kiteboards, we have paid particular attention to the Flax Performance Layer. It determines a veritable proportion of the kiteboard's riding characteristics. While flax fibers have been used in various applications for centuries, they have finally found their way into the world of board sports with SPLEENE. Although in the past glass fiber was predominantly used, flax is in no way inferior to its artificial relatives. If you know how to build and use it.

Our Flax Performance Layer is not only capable of delivering similar performance to fiberglass and carbon. It even surpasses them in certain areas, such as damping and flexural rigidity. However, this cannot be achieved with conventional flax. Our Flax Performance Layer has a multiaxial fabric structure to optimally distribute the forces in the kiteboard. And all under the condition of minimal kiteboard weight. Just as you would expect from SPLEENE.

The construction of our Flax Performance Layer is similar to that of our Carbon Pro kiteboards, but with flax as a naturally renewable raw material. We not only achieve excellent riding comfort, but also give the Eco Line kiteboard a lively and jumping performance. This was previously only known with carbon or fiberglass boards.

Eco Shark Surface

The bottom of the kiteboard has a decisive influence on speed and performance. It is permanently in contact with the water. The new Eco Shark Surface represents the sustainable further development of the previous bottom of the High Tech Line. The structure is slightly adapted and the finish is matt to maintain the shark skin effect with reduced friction. The result is faster planing and higher speed on the water.

On the topside of the Eco RIP, we have significantly reduced the amount of material used and changed the construction, resulting in a decrease in raw material consumption. This sustainable approach helps to minimize the environmental impact. We have not yet reached the end of the road. But we are continuing our research to achieve the smallest possible eco footprint.

Spider Frame 3D Deck

The same goes for the Eco Line: often imitated, never equaled - the SPLEENE Spider Frame 3D Deck with its 3D CNC milled wood core at its heart!

The fine art of kiteboard development consists of providing sufficient material strength in areas that are at risk of breaking and at the same time deliberately making certain areas thinner and more flexible. All of this must be in harmony in order to achieve the lowest possible overall weight for the kiteboard. The Spider Frame 3D Deck is the result of 20 years of kiteboard development.

With the Flax Performance Layer and bio-epoxy resin, our Spider Frame 3D has entered the new eco age. The Spider Frame 3D deck guarantees maximum torsional rigidity - without compromise! The alignment of the flax fibres on the thin edge areas helps to create the perfect flex in the kiteboard while minimizing its overall weight.

Bamboo Beveled Rails

Compared to conventional ABS rails, we rely on the raw material bamboo. Bamboo is not only extremely robust and durable, but also adds an elegant accent. The bamboo beveled rails of our Eco Line kiteboards are completely ecological!

The Bevel Effect: The slight elevation of the rails from the center of the kiteboard to the edge allows effortless kiting even in rough conditions. No cutting in or annoying splash water in the face. At the same time, you can exert a lot of pressure on the edge and enjoy the ride to the full.

The Bamboo Beveled Rails are another important part of the Eco Revolution of these kiteboards.

Advanced Jet Bottom

The bottom shape is characterized by a channel with double concaves. This allows the kiteboard to glide significantly earlier and more freely than conventional bottoms. Instead of a simple radius, the SPLEENE Advanced Jet Bottom uses a parabolic shape.

With our Advanced Jet Bottom you have significantly more grip, the water is pushed along the edges. In choppy conditions, the effect is particularly noticeable. Like a racing boat, the water surface is broken up by the sophisticated bottom shape. Your jumps end in buttery soft landings.

3D Wood Core

All SPLEENE kiteboards are produced with a form glued, 3D CNC milled wood core. Thanks to the superior damping properties of wood, the SPLEENE kiteboards have a very high ride comfort, give maximum feedback and will give you great pleasure for years.

The 3D milled wood core is the heart of the Spider Frame 3D deck and determines the structure and character of the kiteboard.

In the Eco Line, the natural raw material wood harmonises perfectly with the natural flax fibres to create outstanding damping.

High-Tech Bio-Epoxy Resin

The bio-epoxy resin is optimised for the production process of SPLEENE Eco Line kiteboards. It is characterised by a significant "bio" content of 28% in the resin/hardener system.

Despite the proportion of renewable raw materials, the epoxy resin offers the same performance and quality as conventional resin/hardener systems. In Eco Line kiteboard production, it enables more sustainable manufacturing and thus contributes to environmentally friendly kiteboard production.

UV-safe Eco Graphics

The graphics on the Eco Line kiteboards use 100% resource-saving digital printing. Even the opaque areas are not produced using the regular screen printing process, but also rely on economical digital printing.

The uncovered area gives you a clear view of the Flax Performance Layer, whose fibre profile you can even feel on the top side.

The graphic layers also have an UV protection. Even after many hours in the sun, your kiteboard will remain undamaged and you can enjoy the Eco Line design for a long time.

SPLEENE Eco Project

Our SPLEENE Eco Project was launched in 2021 and marks a significant step on our journey towards more sustainable kiteboarding products. In the first phase, the focus was on twintip kiteboards, which we wanted to revolutionise in terms of sustainability and performance. Together with the Technical University of Applied Sciences Augsburg, we looked closely at a variety of sustainable materials, including natural fibres, recycled materials and bio-resins.

These materials were carefully evaluated in material tests and analysed for their properties. We have tested various combinations in countless prototypes in order to achieve the goal of a maximally sustainable kiteboard. It has always been important to us not to compromise on performance, but to improve it in a targeted manner.

However, our efforts in the SPLEENE Eco Project go far beyond kiteboards. We focus on sustainable add-on parts and strive for continuous improvement across the entire product line.

This Project is supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK) on the basis of a decision by the German Bundestag. It symbolises our commitment to a more environmentally friendly and sustainable future for kiteboarding.

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Straps, Pads and Fins

The SPLEENE straps, pads and fins are perfectly matched to our kiteboards. The pads are anatomically adapted to the foot and provide extra good support by a toe edge. Get on and feel good!

For the straps we offer the Standard Straps with velcro and the Pro Straps with ratchets, even in two sizes. All straps allow different mounting positions and can be adjusted individually.

The SPLEENE Kiteboarding fins are made of extra hard G10 material, for best performance.

High Tech RIP 39
Kiteboard model: RIP 39

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