Carbon Pro Line SESSION 45 Kiteboard  - SPLEENE Kiteboarding

Carbon Pro Line SESSION 45

High Performance Kiteboard

145 x 44 cm – 1,95 kg
Kiteboard including grab and 5cm fins

The ultra-light SESSION 45 combines the superior Carbon Pro construction with the versatile SESSION shape. Experience a top class all-round kiteboard with outstanding riding dynamics and explosive acceleration thanks to the unique Angel Fiber Carbon. The perfect balance of lightweight, performance and a wide range of use.

  • Ultra light
  • Superior riding dynamic
  • Extreme acceleration
  • Explosive pop
  • Maximum windrange
  • Angel Fiber Carbon
  • Adaptive Speed Bottom
  • Handcrafted in Germany
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Product number: 23SETCP451
Carbon Pro Line SESSION 45 Boardoff- SPLEENE Kiteboarding
Carbon Pro Line Kiteboards - Details - SPLEENE Kiteboarding
Carbon Pro Line SESSION 45 Freeride - SPLEENE Kiteboarding
Carbon Pro Line Kiteboards - Details - SPLEENE Kiteboarding

Feel the perfection of performance kiteboarding!

The best of both worlds: classic freeride feeling and outstanding light wind characteristics in a brutally light high performance kiteboard.

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Range of use of the Carbon Pro Line SESSION

Carbon Pro Line SESSION - Style and Characteristics - SPLEENE Kiteboarding

Highlights of the Carbon SESSION in detail

What´s new?

The new Carbon Pro Line kiteboards have been redesigned from scratch. New shape, new outline, new carbon and new production processes. All with the goal of building the best kiteboard in the world - made by SPLEENE & handcrafted in Germany.

With the new Angel Fiber Carbon we are entering an unmatched performance class. Thanks to a new approach in carbon production, we are able to adjust the fibre angles completely free and realise a carbon construction that was previously only possible in dreams. This not only makes it possible to achieve the extremely low weight of the kiteboard, but also its uniquely sporty riding dynamics.

The Spider Frame 3D deck has been consistently developed into version 2.0. The precision-milled 3D wood core and "heart" of the kiteboard has been further tuned. In combination with the carbon construction, force vectors are distributed even better. In addition, areas with little load and flex requirements have been made lighter.

The new bottom was designed specifically for the carbon kiteboards: the Adaptive Speed Bottom. The double concave gives the kiteboard a free ride with high grip at the same time. The keel with its central bar provides a terrific smoothness and serves as an additional reinforcement of the kiteboard in the central area.

Also new are the rocker line and the outline. They give the carbon kiteboard an even sportier character with still outstanding guiding performance and upwind riging.

The new look is also a real eye-catcher. The carbon strings give the kiteboard a racing stripe look. The new effect graphics shimmer in a different tone depending on the light. Everything fits seamlessly into the shape of the Carbon Pro Kiteboard.

Ultra light

The new Angel Fiber Carbon allows us to align each carbon fiber individual at the optimum angle and also to build the layers extremely flat. With this we achieve what was previously unimaginable: a weight saving of as much as 15% to our previously super light carbon kiteboards.

With a weight of only 1950g and the dimensions 145 x 44 cm, the SESSION 45 sets new standards. This ultra-light kiteboard with wood core guarantees an incredible riding experience and allows an intense kiteboarding experience, which you feel directly with every turn and every jump.

In addition, there is a massive acceleration and top speed - goosebumps feeling guaranteed. Radical turns, load & pop, board offs, all of this suddenly becomes super easy, without blocking mass on the feet.

Superior riding dynamic

One of the most important features of the new Carbon Pro Line kiteboards is the perfect balance between sportiness & comfort. Of course you expect a sporty tuning from a carbon kiteboard. However, you don't want a hard and lifeless carbon board under your feet. For the superior riding dynamics of carbon kiteboards, all factors are optimally calibrated to each other.

The precision-milled woodcore gives the kiteboard its natural dynamics, durability and damping. This is not achieved with any other material as core. Even if foam or honeycomb cores can push the weight to under 1,000g - wood is and remains the best material for the core of a kiteboard.

The Adaptive Speed Bottom, bottom curve and outline complement the tuning.

Extensive long sessions are no problem and you will celebrate every load & pop.

Extreme acceleration

In a few seconds at top speed! Like a race car, the Carbon Pro Line kiteboard pulls away with immense acceleration. The speed rush does not break and the kiteboard runs through the water like a razor blade. Just the thing for speed freaks.

And simple physics: the faster you ride, the further up you go. With the Carbon Pro Line kiteboard you can shoot out massively to previously unconquered heights.

Explosive pop

In Big Air you can unleash the radical power of carbon construction. Energy loading and rebound speed can't be matched with conventional construction or simple design carbon stripes. You will notice this immediately when you load up your kiteboard for a jump.

Even in the medium wind range, you can reach jump heights that are otherwise only reserved for the pros. In the upper wind range, the excellent control will always let you find the best pop. Then there are no limits in height and distance.

For the landing, the brilliant tuning comes into play and the Adaptive Speed Bottom breaks up the water for a smooth touch down.

Maximum windrange

Whether light wind, medium or stronger wind conditions, or even brutal gusts - the SESSION 45 offers an unbeatable combination of outstanding glide performance, maximum agility and excellent control. Perfected for difficult conditions to get the most out of your kiteboarding experience.

For the heavy kiter (> 100 Kg), the SESSION is THE freeride board. Lighter kiters have the lightwind weapon under their feet with the SESSION. 

Or you can't decide whether to RIP or DOOR? Then the SESSION is your perfect all-in-one kiteboard.

Handcrafted in Germany

Each Carbon Pro Line kiteboard is individually manufactured in Germany using vacuum infusion process. Highest precision and decades of experience in dealing with resin and carbon enable the extreme performance and weight values.

The components for the Carbon Pro Line kiteboards are also handpicked and travel as short distances as possible. Starting with the Angel Fiber Carbon, which is also produced in Germany exclusively for SPLEENE, to the 3D milled wood core and the stainless steel inserts from European production.

What´s the technology behind the SPLEENE Carbon Pro RIP?

Cutting-edge carbon fibers and a sophisticated production process enable an incredible technological leap in the new Carbon Pro Line.

Adaptive Speed Bottom

The new bottom is a further development of the Advanced Jet Bottom specifically for carbon kiteboards. The Adaptive Speed Bottom combines the superior bottom shape of the double concave with the special requirements for ultra light carbon kiteboards.

The parabolic line of the double concave provides a lot of grip, the water is optimally guided through the channels. An effect that is particularly noticeable in choppy conditions. In addition, the kiteboard can planing earlier and is easy to switch.

The sophisticated keel with its central bar breaks up the water on contact after jumps and provides a noticeable smoothness in rough conditions. At the same time, it strengthens the kiteboard in the midsection.

The Adaptive Speed Bottom is the key to the unusually high ride comfort of a full carbon kiteboard in this high performance class.

Angel Fiber Carbon

The Angel Fiber Carbon layup sets a milestone in our kiteboard production!

Conventional carbon layups usually have fixed angles, suc

h as 0, 30 or 45 degrees. With the Angel Fiber Carbon, these angles can be adjusted and combined indipentently. This freedom allows maximum efficiency in fiber usage and optimal alignment. The result is a boost in the performance of carbon kiteboards, with simultaneous weight savings.

For this purpose, the fibers are arranged next to each other and not interwoven, as it is done in most carbon layups. This reduces the construction height and minimizes the use of resin. In the Angel Fiber Carbon, we have additionally eliminated the fixing thread in the layup. The build-up height is reduced further and is almost 2-dimensional. This results in an even better distribution of the force vectors and even less resin use, i.e. further weight savings. The significantly increased demands on the vacuum infusion process can only be mastered by absolute carbon experts.

Center reinforcements

High-end carbon kiteboards are manufactured at the construction limit to bring minimal weight on the scale. Nevertheless, they must also withstand the stresses that occur during normal kiteboarding. For this purpose, the Carbon Pro Line kiteboards are specially reinforced at the neuralgic points in the pad area. This allows optimal durability and brings additional torsional stiffness.

Spider Frame 3D Deck 2.0

The top of the Carbon Pro Line kiteboards is built in the Spider Frame 3D contour. The often copied but never achieved SPLEENE deck gives the kiteboard its riding dynamics. Forces are optimally distributed over the 3D Shape. The kiteboard gets its playful feel and always offers excellent grip in any situation.

Areas with low load and requirement for flex are made thinner. The kiteboard becomes significantly lighter. The fine tuning on the Spider Frame 3D deck is the result of 20 years of experience in kiteboard development.

Precision milled 3D woodcore

All SPLEENE Carbon Pro Line kiteboards are produced with a precision-milled 3D Paulownia woodcore. The woodcore forms the heart of the kiteboard. We swear by wood. For decades, the water and ski industries have been searching for a wood substitute. Today it is clear: wood is and remains the best material for the core of a kiteboard, snwoboard or ski. No material offers better dynamics, durability and damping.

Even with our ultra light carbon kiteboards we do not abandon the unsurpassed material wood. Even if foam or honeycomb cores achieve better values in terms of weight - the ride feeling and durability of wood remain unmatched.

Racing stripe look

Compared to other manufacturers of carbon boards, we deliberately do not use graphic sheets or thick layers of lacquer to mask optical inaccuracies. The goal of our Carbon Pro Line kiteboards is maximum performance with minimum weight. If you expect high gloss, then you'd better buy a piano or a carbon rear spoiler for your car.

With our carbon kiteboards you have a direct view into the engine room. You can see every single carbon thread or the grain of the wood core. The carbon fibre give the kiteboard an incomparable racing stripe look. The new effect graphics shimmer in a different tone depending on the incidence of light and look extremely classy.

The look of our Carbon Pro Line is an expression and proof of craftsmanship. Each kiteboard is unique and made in hours of work with the highest craftsmanship. All with the aim of building the best kiteboard in the world and offering you incomparable kite fun.

Sustainable production

In addition to the high technical demands on materials and production, sustainable materials and processes play a very important role in the new Carbon Pro Line kiteboards.

During the production of the Angel Fiber Carbon, the carbon is precisely tailored to the outline of the kiteboard. This saves extreme amounts of waste that would otherwise end up in the trash and have to be fed into complex and energy-intensive recycling processes.

The minimal use of resin is also an important factor in making kiteboard production more sustainable. On the one hand, the amount of resin in the fibres is kept to a minimum. On the other hand, the vacuum infusion process in production allows us to work with very small excess quantities of resin.

The Carbon Pro Line kiteboards are part of the SPLEENE Eco-Board project.

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Straps, Pads and Fins

The SPLEENE straps, pads and fins are perfectly matched to our kiteboards. The pads are anatomically adapted to the foot and provide extra good hold with their toe edge. Get on and feel good!

We offer the standard straps with velcro and the Pro Line straps with ratchets, even in two sizes. All straps allow different mounting positions and can be individually adjusted.

The SPLEENE kiteboarding fins are made of extra hard G10 material for best performance and durability.

Footstraps Pro und Footpads - Twintip - SPLEENE Kiteboarding
Footstraps und Footpads - Twintip - SPLEENE Kiteboarding
5cm fin - Twintip - SPLEENE Kiteboarding

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