High Tech RIP 39 '21

Product information "High Tech RIP 39 '21"

High Tech RIP

Allround Kiteboard

RIP 36: 136 x 40,5 cm – 2,7 kg
RIP 39: 139 x 42,5 cm – 2,8 kg
Kiteboard including grab and 5cm fins
Model 2021

The Spleene RIP offers the full spectrum: Freeride, Big Air and Freestyle with maximum control and comfort. Doesn`t matter if you go for a good freeride-session or aim for the next kicker boosting you into the 3rd dimension – with the Spleene RIP you are ready!

  • Direct board-feedback
  • Maximum control
  • Full grip for carving & jumping
  • Light weight
  • Quick planing & upwind riding
  • Full comfort
  • Made in Europe
Kiteboard size: 136, 139
Kiteboard width: 40,5, 42,5
Carbon Pro RIP 39
Carbon Pro RIP '2021High Performance Kiteboard139 x 42,5 cm – 2 kgKiteboard including grab and 5cm finsIncredibly light, maximum agility and the highest performance. The Carbon Pro RIP puts every conventional freeride kiteboard in the shade.Minimal weightUltra-direct feelingCarbon performanceMaximum accelerationBig Air boostingHandcrafted in Germany

High Tech SESSION 45 '21
High Tech SESSION 45 Freeride Kiteboard 145 x 46 - 3,1kgKiteboard including grab and 5cm fins Model 2021 The SESSION 45 is the perfect freeride kiteboard. It covers a large windrange with maximum kitesurf fun. Whether gentle breeze or allot power in your kite – with the SESSION 45 you always have the right kiteboard on your feet. The thinner edges make it light – you’ll notice that immediately when you speed up, carve or jump.  Freeride feelingLarge windrangeEarly planing Easy upwind riding Agile movement Very good control & gripMade in Europe

High Tech SESSION 45
High Tech SESSION 45 Freeride Kiteboard 145 x 44 - 2,9 kgKiteboard including grab and 5cm finsThe SESSION is the best freeride kiteboard for the big guys and a great lightwind kiteboard for lightweights. If you choose a 1-kiteboard strategy, the SESSION provides you with the perfect all-in-one setup. Effortless upwind ridingExcellent jumpingDirect feeling & maximum controlSpider Frame 3D DeckAdvanced Jet BottomShark Skin SurfaceMade in Europe